Maxi Climber Review

If you have been following the blog for the past couple of months you will know that I have recently invested in a Maxi Climber and I have been telling you how it’s been helping me with my weight loss. Well, after using it for a couple of months I think I am ready to give you my review of the Maxi Climber.

Maxi Climber Review

Maxi Climber Review – Photo credit Amazon

First off, when it arrived it was very simple to assemble. Some reviews say they put it together in 5-10 minutes, but that wasn’t the case for me. It took me closer to 30 minutes to get it together, but I also had a 2 year old attempting to help, so that may have slowed me down a little. Other than that, it was really easy to put together.

Once I put it together I decided to climb on and try it out for a few minutes. The Maxi Climber comes with a plan for how you can maximize your workout. It suggests that you workout on the Maxi Climber for 10 minutes a day for the first week. Even though I thought I was in decent shape, I couldn’t manage 10 minutes on it for a while. It took a couple of weeks before I was able to manage 10 minutes on the machine.

The thing is that the first couple of weeks I could only workout on the machine once a week because I was so sore! It really does work your muscles more than you can possibly imagine. Even now, I workout on the Maxi Climber for 15 minutes and right after I workout my legs feel like jello! It is finally to the point that I am not sore for days after, but I can really feel the workout!

I love that the Maxi Climber folds up and fits perfectly into my hall closet. That means that it is out of the way, but when I want to workout I can easily grab it and set it up. I also like that this is a machine that does not require electricity and it is only powered by me.

A couple of things to keep in mind with the Maxi Climber:

  • Make sure you wear shoes (seems like a “no duh” but still, wear shoes)
  • Do not use on carpet as it may move
  • Do not use if you are over 250 pounds
  • Keep in mind that you don’t want to lean over the handles as it can tip over
  • You may not have the coordination right off the bat, it may take some work

So far I do not have too many complaints about the Maxi Climber, but there is one thing. There is a step counter on the machine but it is so low that you can’t see it while on the machine. This makes it hard to keep track of how many reps you have done and how long you have been on it. I wish they would have moved it up or even tilted it upwards so you can see it while working out.

In the end, if you want a great workout I suggest that you try the Maxi Climber. It is a simple machine to use and the cost is low enough that it is well worth the investment.

Do you have a Maxi Climber? Do you like it? Do you think you will try the Maxi Climber? Why or why not?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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