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Haircare Routine for Children

Taking care of children’s hair can be a challenge. Children do not like to sit still while their parents take care of their hair, therefore developing a routine is the key to success. The routine needs to be quick and straightforward. It also needs to be easy enough for children to begin doing on their own. As your child gets older, she should be able to start to take care of her own hair. Eventually, your child will learn what she needs to do to have healthy, moisturized hair. Developing a hair care routine for our children does not have to be complicated. The routine should be appropriate for the age of your child, and it can change as your child gets older.

Developing a Haircare Routine for Children

Know Your Child’s Hair

When caring for children’s hair, it is important to recognize the unique qualities of your daughter’s hair. It is common to see knots and tangles and possibly hair that is puffy and difficult to control. Some children will have dry hair as well as a flaky scalp that might itch. In many cases, children have hair that is constantly messy – even after a significant amount of work. Because of the issues with kids’ hair, it is a good idea to keep haircare routines simple.

Care For Hair the Right Way

Since maintaining hair can be uncomfortable for children, it is a good idea to do things the right way. When you comb your child’s hair, use a wide-tooth comb because it is less likely to pull her hair. It is also helpful to separate hair, so you are not trying to detangle large clumps at once. Children do appreciate having their hair wetted before detangling. It is also best to begin the process at the end of the hair and work up to the roots. Doing this prevents pulling and the pain that comes with it.

Know How to Shampoo

It is also useful to learn how to wash your child’s hair. Before washing it, be sure your child’s hair is free of tangles. Children need a gentle shampoo that will not sting their eyes. Some moms will separate their children’s hair into sections so they can comfortably wash a little bit at a time.

Know How Often to Shampoo

The best hair care routine is to only do what is necessary to maintain healthy hair. Children do need to have their hair washed, but not on a daily basis. Natural hair only needs to be washed once or twice per week. Some children can even benefit from having their hair washed every 10 to 14 days. Once or twice per month, it is helpful to do an in-depth treatment to add moisture.

Moisturize on a Daily Basis

On a daily basis, children need to have their hair moisturized. The ends need it the most. It is also helpful to use a detangler before combing your child’s hair. The leave-in detangler will help moisturize the hair – especially if you buy a detangler that includes shea butter. At night, it can be helpful to have your child sleep with a silk hair bonnet to protect the hair. It is also helpful to use a satin pillowcase, especially if your child is reluctant to wear a bonnet at night.

Style Hair Once Per Week

To reduce the amount of work that children need on their hair, many parents will style their child’s hair on Sundays. With a good style, you and your child do not need to do as much work to care for her hair. Having a weekly style is a helpful tool for busy moms who do not always have the time to create a new style every day. To change up the style through the week, you can always add pretty clips or other decorations.


When you decide on a hair care routine, the best thing to do is to create one that works for your schedule. If you know that there is a night that is free of events, make that your shampoo night. It is also helpful to style your child’s hair that same night – after her hair is dry. You might even want to find a second night of the week to do a restyle if you can fit it into your schedule. Every night before your child goes to bed, it is helpful to put some spray-in moisturizer into her hair, too. It will not take long to get used to a simple hair care schedule and before you know it, you child will be able to detangle and shampoo her own hair.

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