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    Picture Perfect vs. Reality

    When it comes to life we all know what we think is perfect. We know what our perfect dream house is and how to perfect decorate it. We may even have magazine photos picked out as to how we want our rooms to look. We know if we want kids and how many we want, […] More

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    Sore Leaking Breasts During Pregnancy

    I have said before that during my first pregnancy I had every possible symptom there was. This meant that I had sore breasts my entire pregnancy. The thing is that it didn’t stop there for me, my breast leaked from the time I was 16 week pregnant on. It was annoying, but I learned how […] More

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    Implantation Bleeding

    When you are trying to get pregnant the last thing you want to see is that flash of blood that means your period has made it’s appearance yet again. Many people don’t realize though, that just because you are spotting, doesn’t mean you are not pregnant, but it also doesn’t mean you are pregnant. Crazy […] More

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    The Art of Blissful Parenting Review

    When I was contacted by Lynette from Firetalker PR about reviewing “The Art of Blissful Parenting” I was a little skeptical about it, but I thought what could it hurt to check it out and see what the book was all about. Once I got the book and started reading it, I was amazed!  It […] More

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    What Shouldn’t I Eat When I am Pregnant

    Once you become pregnant everyone has advice for you. Some of this advice comes in the form of what you should and shouldn’t eat. It is important to listen to your doctor one what you should and shouldn’t eat. Often times it is hard to remember what all you shouldn’t eat. Even for me, I […] More

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    Head Injuries in Children: What You Need to Know

    It’s summer and that means that our children are all playing outside a lot more, which means there is a bigger risk of them getting hurt. Often times the scariest injuries for parents are head injuries, often because we hear so many bad things about head injuries and how they affect people, especially kids. In […] More

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    Disappearing Apps and Your Teens

    Many parents have read the recent headlines about how our children are deserting Facebook in an effort to find new social media hangouts away from our prying eyes. Our kids’ desires to keep mom and dad in the dark about their online activity has led to a bumper crop of new social media apps and […] More

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    An Introduction to Newborn Care

    Many first time parents are so excited when they find out they are pregnant and they are excited to bring their new baby home. Many times when those new parents come home they realize they don’t know how to take care of a newborn. Many parents leave the hospital completely unprepared for what is going […] More

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    Letter to My Daughter

    My daughter turns 2 today, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. When she was born I set up an email address so I could periodically send her letters and other little things that I think she would like to have and when she turns 18 I will give her the password. I thought I […] More

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