Benefits of Cloth Diapering

When I started researching and thinking about cloth diapering I knew there were a few benefits, but I didn’t know all the benefits to my daughter, my family, and the environment. There are so many benefits of cloth diapering it is hard to pick just one reason to switch.

The benefits of cloth diapering

The benefits of cloth diapering

Save money – I never really thought about how you can save money with cloth diapers, but after seeing how much I spend on disposable diapers in a month, I can easily see how cloth diapers will save money. Now, initially the cost is all up front, but it is worth it. You can spend as much or as little on cloth diapers as you want. It is easy to get caught up in it and buy all the cute diapers, but if you can stop yourself, you can save money. I spent around $400 on all the cloth diapers and accessories I needed. I was spending about $40 a month on disposable diapers, so in 10 weeks I will have broke even, and I am pretty sure my daughter will not be potty trained in 10 weeks. A few other ways they save you money, you can use them for multiple kids, and even possibly sell them when you are done.

Use for multiple children – Because you can wash them, you can use them for multiple children. You may have to replace some elastic over time, but you can easily use the diapers for 2 or more children if they are properly taken care of.

Sell them to make some of your money back – If you take care of your diapers you can sell them for a portion of what you paid for them. Some people have been able to even break even on their diapers, meaning in the end, they didn’t pay anything to diaper their children. Again, this is only if you take good care of the diapers.

Less diaper rash – Cloth diapers breath easier and therefore your baby will be less prone to diaper rash. Also, if your baby is like mine, they may be sensitive to some of the chemicals in disposable diapers. For example, my daughter could only use Pampers Cruisers. Since switching to cloth diapers we have had less diaper rash.

Earlier potty training – I can’t speak for this one from experience, but I have heard mothers say that babies who are cloth diapered potty train sooner because they are more aware of the wetness and make the connection sooner.

Better for the environment – Some will argue this point because you have to wash the diapers, but the amount of water used to wash them is nothing compared to the amount of diapers you will throw away. It is estimated that a baby will go through 6,000 diapers from birth to potty training, and each one of them takes years to decompose.

They are cute! – Ok, so this isn’t an actual benefit, but cloth diapers are so cute. It is so easy to get caught up in buying all the different diaper styles and colors. You can coordinate the diapers with outfits or even with baby leggings!

Saving money and the decrease in diaper rash are the main reasons I switched to cloth diapers. But, with so many benefits of cloth diapering, why wouldn’t I switch? How about you? Why did you decide to use cloth diapers? Or, are you thinking about switching to cloth diapers?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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