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    Blogging Tip Series: The Best Time to Publish a Post

    Did you know that there is actually a “best” time to publish a post? There are times and days that actually get more traffic than other days. Kissmetrics has actually put together a great infographic to show just what times and what days are best for publishing a post. by Kissmetrics. From Visually. More

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    Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant

    When you are trying to get pregnant you will look for any sign you might be pregnant, even if the sign really has nothing to do with pregnancy. There are a lot of signs that you might be pregnant and knowing them will help you determine if you are pregnant and some of them may […] More

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    Are You Tired All The Time?

    Do you seem to be tired all the time? There comes a point in our lives where we just feel like being tired all the time is just normal and we have to deal with it. We all think we are just too busy and so we are not getting enough sleep or just running […] More

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    What is Gripe Water and What is it Good For?

    Have you heard of Gripe Water? If you haven’t it’s about time you learn all about it because when my daughter was fussy and gassy, it worked wonders for her and I recommend it to anyone who has a fussy and gassy baby. What is Gripe Water? Gripe water is a safe and effective all-natural […] More

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    Bed-Sharing Vs. Co-Sleeping

    There have been a lot of posts lately about bed-sharing vs. co-sleeping and how each work. Many people will use the two terms interchangeably, but the fact is, they are two different things. I want to start this post by saying that this is not meant to “bash” anyone. I am writing this post strictly […] More

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    Blogging Tips Series: How to Improve Blog Stats

    Last Friday I talked about the different blog stats you need to watch. I know that post brings up a lot of different questions. For example, how do you improve blog stats? It can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Great content. As with everything else in blogging, you have to […] More

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    How to Deal with Nasal Congestion in Infants

    Nobody wants to have to deal with nasal congestion in infants. They feel miserable because they are sick and they can’t blow their nose. They are having trouble breathing and you just want to get all that gunk out of there so they can breathe. There are several things you can do, but let’s start […] More

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    What is a Birth Plan and Do I Need One?

    Once you become pregnant there are a lot of things you will learn about and a lot of new terms that you will hear from your doctor. One of the things you will have to learn about is a birth plan and you will have to decide if you want one. What is a birth […] More

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    Reigniting the Spark After Having a Baby

    Having a baby changes a lot of things. You expect to get less sleep, less time to yourself, more laundry, and so much more. You expect that things may change in the bedroom, especially at first when things are still healing down below, but once you are healed, why would there be any issues? This is […] More

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    Newborn Jaundice: What is it and What Do I Need to Know?

    Almost every parent has heard that their baby has jaundice and that is because almost every baby has some degree of jaundice after birth. What is newborn jaundice? The first thing we have to cover is what newborn jaundice is. Jaundice is when a baby has an increased level of bilirubin in her blood. Bilirubin […] More

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    Myths About Stay at Home Moms

    There are always stigmas about the way we live our lives. There are always things being said no matter if you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, or a work at home mom. I thought I would help debunk some of the myths about stay at home moms. All stay at home […] More

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