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    Childhood Obesity

    Childhood obesity: Effects, Prevention, and Treatment I have briefly talked about childhood obesity in the past in some of my guest posts, but I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to talk more in depth about how childhood obesity can affect your child. September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, so what a better […] More

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    Is Working From Home Right For You?

    With the internet making it easier to work from home, this job status is becoming more appealing and more prevalent in today’s world. But, is working from home right for you? How can you know if you will succeed while working from home? You have to look at yourself and your situation to determine if […] More

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    How to Tell if You Are Really in Labor

    With my sister-in-law due to deliver any day now, and asking me how to tell if her contractions are the real deal or not, I thought I would share with you how to tell if you are really in labor. As a labor and delivery nurse I am going to come out and tell you […] More

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    Smart hacks for cleaning toys

    Many nurseries are usually stuffed with piles of toys and this is not a bit surprising. Each time you enter the mall, you end up buying another Barbie doll, teddy bear or toy truck. For a few days your child is thrilled with the latest addition to their toy collection but after a short while […] More

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    How to Read Nutrition Labels

    Nutrition labels are on food for a reason, to help educate us on what foods are healthier for us to eat. In 2013 though, less than half of consumers actually used the nutrition label to determine what foods they buy. So many people don’t even know what the label is telling them. Just because it has […] More

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    Crock Pot Pizza Pasta

    I am not a good cook, just ask my husband. I am a great baker, especially when it comes to cake. Cooking dinner though, not so much. I burn things, over season, under season, overcook, under cook and any other way I can possibly ruin something. I have to buy the foolproof meals that you […] More

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    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month as I am sure you have seen with your Facebook and Twitter feeds. One thing is, seeing all of the posts makes me very thankful for the healthy happy little girl I have. Even though I am a pediatric nurse, I do not see kids with cancer that often […] More

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    Mighty Mug Review

    I had never heard of the Mighty Mug until Mike contacted me about a review. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. They claim the mighty mug is the mug that never falls over. I mean, how could you possibly do this? In the end, I thought what could be the harm? I […] More

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    New parenting survey proves that setting chores makes kids more academically competent and responsible

    Wednesday 26th August 2015 – Over 5000 parents from across the US and UK participated, providing insights into the chore habits of families to help shed some light on the ever controversial chore debate. The survey, conducted by two startups, family focused ‘Funifi’ and mobile survey platform ‘Pollfish’, foregrounds the findings, which favour the academic […] More

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