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Work at Home Mom Guilt

A while back I wrote about my stay at home mom guilt. I have been working from home for several months now and I have found that I have just as much guilt as a work at home mom as I did as a stay at home mom.

Work at Home Mom Guilt

I feel guilty that I chose to work. I don’t have to work and I am blessed enough to be able to stay at home with my daughter, but then I decided to work at home. Why? I have goals and working from home will help us reach those goals faster. One day she will see the hard work I am putting in and I hope she will appreciate it.
I feel guilty that I don’t spend all day with her. Most stay at home moms love that they can spend the day with their children and play with them. Their entire day is dedicated to making meals, cleaning the house and running after little ones. As a work at home mom I can’t do that, I have to work during the day just like a work away from home mom.
I feel guilty that I don’t have to pay for childcare. Most moms and dads are not lucky enough to be able to work from home. This causes them to have to pay for childcare while they go to work, often times spending half their paycheck or more on childcare.
I feel guilty that some days I just don’t have time. I work when I can and evenings are set aside as family time. I also squeeze in some work on the blog when I can. There are weeks though when I just don’t have time for it all and wonder why I have dedicated myself to 30 hours a week for work.
I feel guilty when my daughter wants to sit on my lap, or tries to sit my laptop and I need to get work done. I try not to give into her because then I will never get anything done, she will just constantly come and sit on my lap. I just feel bad because I know she doesn’t understand.
Lastly, just as I stated I’m my post about stay at home mom guilt, I feel guilty for feeling guilty. I feel guilty for not appreciating what I have and wanting more. God has truly blessed me, and I should be happy about that.
Are you a work at home mom or dad? Do you ever feel guilty about anything?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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