Why You Should Cook With Your Kids

I have talked before about some of the benefits of cooking at home, but do you cook with your kids? Did you know that there are benefits to cooking with your kids?

Why You Should Cook With Your Kids

Just a few benefits and why you should cook with your kids:

  • They need to learn how to cook. It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl, cooking is a basic life skill that everyone should learn. Here’s the thing, as a child my mom only made boxed dinners so that is all I knew how to cook, while my husband grew up on homemade meals that his grandmother made. When we moved in together and got married he didn’t like what I knew how to cook, so I had to turn to the internet to learn how to cook. I am still learning and not everything I make turns out good.
  • Make memories. So I couldn’t cook a meal, but boy can I bake! I have always been a baker and some of my best memories are baking and frosting sugar cookies with my step-mom and grandmother. I also have some memories of making strawberry jam with my grandma and going out to pick the strawberries. These are great memories and some of the best memories I have.
  • Teaching healthy eating habits. Teaching healthy eating habits earlier in life will help instill lifelong healthy eating habits. Teaching kids how to cook with real food and fresh food will help them cut down on the sodium that easy boxed meals contain. As they gain confidence in cooking they will want to explore and try new things.
  • Develop a love of cooking. Do you ever get to dinner time and just think “man, I hate cooking” and end up ordering a pizza instead? Getting your kids into the kitchen early may help them develop a love of cooking. Who knows, as they get older you may get out of cooking dinner!
  • Instilling confidence. As your child masters new skills he will gain confidence in his abilities. This confidence can transfer into other aspects of your child’s life, such as school.
  • They will try new foods. How many times are you cooking and you just can’t resist trying the food? The same will hold true with kids. When they are cooking they will want to try what they are making so you may be able to trick them into trying new foods if you start cooking new recipes.
  • You can bring the whole family together. Cooking can become a family affair. You can bring all your kids in the kitchen and give them each a task and show how you can all work together to reach a common goal.

Cooking with your kids can bring the whole family together and even help you learn what is going on in your kids lives because they will want to talk. When you cook with your kids it benefits the whole family for years to come, not just in that moment.

Do you cook with your kids? Have you noticed any changes since you started cooking with your kids?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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