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What is My Dream Job and Why?

Many people spend a lot of time thinking about what their dream job would be. When I was younger I always thought about what I would want to do when I grew up. I always thought that my dream job would be working as a labor and delivery nurse.

While I did love working as a labor and delivery nurse, I never imagined I would find my dream job in a completely different place.

That’s right, I already have my dream job, or should I say my dream jobs.

What is my Dream Job and Why

My first dream job is being a mom. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never knew that I would love staying at home with my daughter as much as I do. I rarely miss a thing and I love it! I love that I have been here for all her firsts and that she has never had to go to daycare, mostly the fact that I have never had to pay for it because there is nothing wrong with daycare. Being a mom is really the best job ever and I don’t think there is a mom out there who would disagree.

My second dream job is being a nurse, and not just any nurse, but a pediatric nurse. Don’t get me wrong, I love the work I have done in women’s health and labor and delivery nursing, but there is just something about pediatrics that I love. It is truly where my heart lies. I enjoy working with kids and helping them feel better and helping their parents be more at ease. What’s even better, because of my next dream job, I am able to only work a few days a month, which leaves me open to stay home with my daughter.

My third dream job is the one I have working at home. No one really understands what I do, but basically I help market another blog. It is a little more complicated than that, but in a nutshell that is what I do. It has nothing to do with nursing or my college degree, but I love it because I get to make my own hours and work with my daughter right here with me. There is nothing better than being able to stay at home and raise my daughter while I still get to make some money.

Lastly, my blog is another dream job of mine. I love helping people and I decided to start this blog to help me to use my knowledge to help others. I never really thought about my blog as a job because I love blogging so much. I decided that I should change my view on this blog because I recently read a post about why blogs fail. Many times they fail because people treat them like a hobby and not  like a business, meaning the blog doesn’t take priority. I wanted to make my blog a priority so that I can continue with it. Honestly, since I have been making my blog a priority, I have made more money blogging than I ever have. It’s not enough to quit my day job (hence my other dream jobs), but it’s still enough to have a little extra income coming in.

I think I have the best jobs in the world and I wouldn’t change it for nothing.

What is your dream job? Are you lucky enough to have your dream job now?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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