Weight Loss Update September 2016

Last month was a rough one and I ended the month at 210, the heaviest I had been since I was 9 months pregnant. This month, I am at 207.2, which is better, but still not where I would like to be. Here’s the thing, it seems like every time I think I am doing good and getting a routine something happens. I know there is no room for excuses when it comes to weight loss, but this month has been rough too.

Weight Loss Update September 2016

I started the month with a week and a half of migraines and tension headaches. It lead to a lot of time spent sitting and lying down because moving made my head pound. It also meant a lot of sleeping in because that was the only time my head didn’t hurt. It meant a lot quick meals too, so there wasn’t a lot of healthy eating.

Finally, I was able to get rid of the migraines and I started working out. I thought I had started a good routine and it all worked out for about a week. I thought I was on the right track until everyone in the house got sick. This meant getting up in the middle of the night with a sick toddler, then once she started feeling better, it meant I didn’t sleep well. I didn’t have the energy to cook and take care of things around the house, let alone workout.

One thing with all this is that while I was sick and not feeling well I didn’t overeat, but then once I started feeling better I was starved! I have still been eating healthier and hope to continue to eat healthier. I am still resorting to frozen meals such as breaded fish, fries, shrimp, pizza, and so on when I don’t feel like cooking. This is only once or twice a week, but I would like to cut it out entirely so I can cut down on my sodium intake. I have other motivation for this as well, which I will talk about later next month.

The other thing, I have worked out more this month that I have in the past several months. This past week I have worked out every day, which is a start, as long as I can keep it up. The other thing is that I am not doing as much cardio. I have a Maxi-climber, which is great and all, but it’s more of a weight machine than a cardio machine, even though it does get my heart rate up. Gaining muscle isn’t a bad thing though because even though it weighs more, muscle doesn’t take up as much space as fat and muscle burns more calories, even when not being used, so I hope in the end I will lose more weight and see more results in the form of more defined muscles. Again, this week I have new motivation for working out and getting healthier, so hopefully I can stick with this routine for a while.

It’s tough to keep going when you feel like everything is working against you. It’s tough when it feels like the world just wants you to stay the size you are, but I am going to keep trying. Hopefully next month will be a little better and we won’t be sick and I won’t spend almost half the month with a migraine.

I am going to start doing a breakdown of how I am doing every month so I can see the progress, I am a visual person so maybe this will help motivate me!

  • Starting Weight: 200
  • Last month’s weight: 210
  • Current Weight: 207.2
  • Difference from Last Month: – 2.8
  • Total difference from starting weight: + 7.2 

How did you do with your weight loss this month?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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