Weight Loss Update October 2016

The end of October has seriously snuck up on me out of nowhere. Did that happen to anyone else? This month has been a month of ups and downs, literally, and didn’t end on a good note. I have been struggling a lot this month, but next month will be better. Now for this months breakdown.

First off, this month my weight has been all over the place. I have been down, up, down, and back up again. I am not really sure why that is, I am going to have to have to narrow it down and figure out why. I know why I was up at one point as I gained 5 pounds in water weight right before my period, other than that though I don’t know why I am up at the end of the month.

I haven’t been working out as much as I would like, but I have been working out more than I have in the past. It hasn’t really been on any equipment, just walking and body weight exercises. I would like to get working out daily, but I have been having trouble getting up in the morning, I believe mostly because of the weather, but I am hoping that I can motivate myself to get up earlier so I can workout more.

As for my diet, I feel that I have been doing much better this month. My lunch always consists of fruits and vegetables and that’s it. Supper consists of whatever I make, but it doesn’t consist of fast food. We may have pizza once or twice a month, but it’s homemade pizza generally. I have also done away with sugar and creamer in my coffee. I am still getting used to it, and many people may say that it’s easier to give up coffee, but not for me! I have had some wine this month, but that was because it was my anniversary, so I think I deserved it.

The stress this month hasn’t helped either. Last month we finally signed the paperwork on our old house so it’s sold and we do not have a second mortgage now, which I would have thought would reduce the stress, but apparently, people don’t call to have utilities changed over anymore so I have been dealing with that. Trying to get the companies to stop billing me when services are still being used is a pain, plus the internet wasn’t canceled and so on. I think I finally have everything changed over, so hopefully there is no more stress with that. The biggest thing is now just getting ready for the holidays, it’s hard to believe that it’s time to even think about the holidays!

In the end, there is no excuse for why I have been still gaining weight. I have a hunch, though, but before I jump to conclusions I want to try making it through November and see what happens. I am going to ramp up my exercise routine and eat even better. If after that I am still gaining weight it may be time for a major change.

Just like last month, I have my visual of my progress for more motivation:

  • Starting Weight: 200
  • Last month’s weight: 207.2
  • Current Weight: 208.8
  • Difference from Last Month: + 1.6
  • Total difference from starting weight: + 8.8

I think I am going to try something else as well to help motivate me. I think I am going to try taking a photo every day so I can see my progress. I have seen where other women have done this with great results, so maybe it will work for me. I am also going to keep track of exactly when I exercise to see how much as actually exercise per week.

Yuck, I don’t like those numbers. Here’s to hoping November is better and my hunch about my weight gain is wrong!

How has your weight loss been going?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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