Weight Loss Update May 2016

When I decided to do a monthly weight loss update post I never anticipated that my life would be where it is now and I would have to say what I am going to say.

Remember when I said I had lost 3 pounds last month? Well, this month I am back to my starting weight. A lot of things have been happening lately and while I know that isn’t an excuse, I know that this has contributed to my setback.

Weight Loss Update May 2016

First off, last month when I wrote my weight loss update post I had just ordered my new FitBit and I was waiting for it to come in hopes that it would help motivate me more. While this is true, I didn’t anticipate to make so many changes in my life.

Literally 3 days after my weight loss update in April we put in an offer on our dream house! I know I had said in the past that we wanted to build a house, but when we came across this house we couldn’t pass it up. It is almost exactly what we wanted to build and we will spend significantly less money.

Anyway, we set our closing date for 6 weeks later, which is now just 2 weeks away. It’s crazy how fast time goes when you don’t have enough of it. We were in the middle of finishing our basement, so we have been spending the last few weeks trying to get that done. The plan is to have everything done with the house we are in now so we can put it on the market shortly after we close on the new house.

Along with that, I have been purging a ton of stuff that we don’t need and we haven’t used in the 5 years we have been here. If we haven’t used it there is no reason to take it to the new house. I have also been trying to pack a few things here and there lately.

Because of everything going on I can’t really use my treadmill. We have had to move it so we can get to different spots in the basement so I don’t have access to it.

Now you may be thinking that with everything going on I should be moving more, therefore I should be losing weight.

Here’s the thing, along with trying to get things done around the house comes a not so healthy diet. With a 2 year old I don’t have much time to work around the house, therefore I work on the basement or packing while my daughter is sleeping. This gives me less time to work both on my blog and my full-time work-at-home job. I have shifted my schedule so I work on things at different times and sometimes that is when I should be cooking, so I have my husband stop for food on his way home from work. The other option is that I just make something frozen such as fish sticks and fries, or a frozen pizza for dinner because it’s quick and easy.

I have also spent a lot of time going to the bank to sign papers and such meaning, again, less time for things at home, so I am again shifting my schedule, giving me less time for cooking.

Weekends have to be the hardest part though. Every weekend we are making a trip to Lowe’s to get things for the basement. Every weekend we finish at Lowe’s around lunch time and my husband stops at Steak N Shake for lunch. I feel like it should be illegal to go to Steak N Shake and not get a milkshake. That is my weakness. I can easily get a salad and eat healthier, but I love their milkshakes so much.

This is the issue, my problem is always my weakness for food.

Here’s the thing. I have a lot of goals for my life and this move to the new house. There are a lot of good things that will come out of it as well. The house that we are moving to is 30 minutes from any fast food place or restaurant. This is great news because I won’t be able to tell my husband to stop for food on his way home from work because that won’t be an option. This means I will always have to cook dinner, giving me the option to cook healthier food. The thing is 80% of weight loss is done in the kitchen.

The other 20% of weight loss is working out. Moving into the new house will help with this as well. First off, I will get my treadmill back! Second, the new house is 2 stories, meaning I will always be climbing stairs, which is good for your health anyway, but I can take advantage of those stairs and use them as a workout tool. Lastly, I will have a big living room where the floor doesn’t squeak and has 9 foot ceilings so I can work out in the living room easily.

I plan to spend a whole week moving when we close on the house so I know that I will be moving more and hopefully that will help me have a better check in next month.

Here’s to a better month in June!

How was this month for you? Did you have any major setbacks to your weight loss?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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