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U is for Underage Drinking and Drug Abuse

I have heard it before, that kids will be kids and it is just something they do. Kids like to experiment and they will experiment with drugs and alcohol if they want, there is no stopping them.

The thing is, teenagers lack the cognitive ability to recognize the consequences of their actions, that part of their brain just isn’t developed yet. As parents we have to do our job to make sure that our children are educated and know the risks involved with risky behavior.

The following infographic shares some staggering statistics about teen drug and alcohol use that I think every parent should know and share with their children. There are a staggering number of teenage deaths that are related to drug and alcohol use, and it is something that can be prevented and needs to stop.


Facts about Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

The next infographic shows just how much a teen’s brain still has to develop. With all this rapid development going on, if they are adding drugs and alcohol in the mix, this can hinder their brain development.

The Adolescent Brain

Does your teen drink or abuse drugs? How can you be sure?

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