Top Posts in May 2016

I recently decided to share my top posts of the last month. I love the idea because it helps me and it helps you.

It helps me know which posts are becoming popular, which posts are being found on Google and which posts are being shared. Most of the time my top posts are from several months ago, not this month, which is nice, because eventually this month’s posts will be on the top list.

It helps you because you may have missed these posts. You may have started following the blog after these posts were off the front page, meaning you didn’t see them unless you searched around the site, and with 300+ posts, I doubt you have made it through every post on the blog. This way you can easily find a post that is popular that you may have missed.

Top Posts in May 2016

Here are the top 10 posts from May:

  1. 40 Ways to Know You Are a Labor and Delivery Nurse – This post got a lot of attention because of nurses week. I was so happy and excited, then the haters came along. A post that a bunch of labor nurses loved and agreed with had a lot of other people upset. I understand why they were upset, so I made some changes, but if you head over to read this post, please keep in mind that I never meant for this post to upset anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings and I love my job and I really do advocate for my patients. (This one was also on the list last month, but it wasn’t nearly as popular! I mean I have over 9 thousand shares on the post.)
  2. Safe Natural Remedies for Constipation in Infants and Toddlers – This is another post that was on the list last month as well. When a little one is constipated you want to help them as soon as possible, but you also want the safest and best way to treat them. Having a list of safe and natural ways to help your little one while ensuring they don’t become dependant on laxatives is always helpful.
  3. How to Deal with Nasal Congestion in Infants – Another common issue with infants is nasal congestion. Before your baby is born she is in a sterile environment protected from all the dust and impurities in the air, but as soon as she is born she is bombarded. This can lead to a little bit of harmless nasal congestion, but you may want to help her breath a little easier. Again, this one was on the list last month as well. Apparently you all like my posts about taking care of your kids!
  4. What is Gripe Water and What is it Good for? – Another post that was on my top 10 last month that will also help you treat common issues with your little one. Gripe water was an invaluable asset when my daughter was younger as it helped with constipation, fussiness, and so much more!
  5. Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant – When you are trying to get pregnant you will look for any sign that you  might be pregnant. Many signs can be similar to starting your period, but others may be definitive signs that you are pregnant. This is another post that was on the list last month.
  6. Erin Condren Planner Review – Finally a new post on the list! This post was just written this month and it is on the top 10 list. I have searched for years for a planner that I like that works for me and my busy lifestyle. I have never liked the planners that I found, until I found Erin Condren. The great thing is that there are so many more things than just planners! Make sure you check it out a learn how you can earn $10 off your first purchase.
  7. Labor Positions – Another new post on the list this month! Most women stress about labor and delivery when they are pregnant. One area that many women don’t think about though is how they are going to labor and what position they are going to be in when they start pushing. Often times they just assume that what they doctor tells them is the best position, but you have many options, and there are pros and cons to each position.
  8. 12 Signs That You Are Ovulating – This is the only guest post that is on the top 10 list, which is exciting for the author! Another great post if you are trying to get pregnant as this can help you pinpoint the time when you are ovulating and the perfect time to “do the deed”.
  9. Why My Husband Doesn’t Compliment Me Anymore – The last new addition to the list this month is more of a personal story, but can also help other women. Many women want to be complemented by their husband, and when they don’t get the compliments, the often wonder why. I had the same questions. After reading some things I realized that the reason I didn’t get compliments anymore was because of my response.
  10. Newborn Jaundice: What is it and What Do I Need to Know? – Continuing with my theory that you all like the posts I write about taking care of your little ones, this is number 10 on the list this month. When their baby is born, many parents don’t expect anything to be wrong, then they are told their baby is jaundiced. Then parents start to worry, but there is no need to worry. If you are sent home, you can even do some things at home to help resolve the jaundice and prevent an admission.

This is amazing and I am so glad that so many of my older posts are getting a lot of attention. I have had over 20,000 page views in May and that is absolutely amazing for me, especially considering that last month I had just over 3,000. I know that a lot of this attention was from the first post on this list, but still, I hope that next month I can have a post that is just as popular, or maybe more popular!

Which of my posts is your favorite? Is there one that you keep coming back to? Is there a post that you would like to see on Mommy, RN?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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