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My Top 3 Wishes and Why I Chose Them

The next stop on the Thirty Things About Me Challenge is my top 3 wishes and why those particular 3 wishes.

Only being able to pick 3 wishes, I have thought long and hard about what I would wish for. I could have taken the easy route and just make one of my 3 wishes unlimited wishes, but to me that is cheating. I know this is just a hypothetical thing, but I still take it seriously but still have fun with it.

My Top 3 Wishes and Why I Chose Them

With my first wish I would wish for unlimited money, but not just for myself. I would wish that I have enough money to make not only my dreams come true, but so much more. I would make donations, not handouts though. I would still want people to work for their money, but I would make education free for everyone. I would also donate all the money needed to find a cure for cancer and other incurable diseases. I know that it wouldn’t be a good idea to just hand out money to everyone in the world, but at the same time, I would want to do everything I can to end poverty and homelessness.

My second wish would be that there wouldn’t be any horrible illnesses and genetic conditions. It is so hard to see families lose a baby that they love and to see kids and even adults live such a rough life. I have never understood why there was a need for this, and maybe God has a reason. If He does have a reason, then He would let me know about it before I would make such a wish. Otherwise, my wish would be for there to be no more genetic conditions and horrible illnesses, though with this wish I guess I wouldn’t need to fund the research for them.

My third and final wish would be for my family, all of them. I would wish that they have the life they want and they have the means to accomplish all of their goals and dreams. I would hope that they don’t have to endure too many hardships, but make sure it was just enough to make them a better person.

With just 3 wishes I can do everything that I would have hoped and dreamed to do. I don’t know that I would need more wishes.

How about you? If you were given 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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