Top 20 Medical Profiles to Follow on Twitter

It can be hard to find legitimate medical resources out there online for your questions and concerns. I decided to compile a list of 100 medical professionals to follow on Twitter to make sure the information you are getting is accurate and up to date!

Top 20 Medical Profiles to Follow on Twitter


  1. Kevin Pho – @kevinmd – Kevin is a very influential physician who has used social media to connect with healthcare professionals all over.
  2. Dave Walker – @drwalker_rph – Though not a medical doctor, he is a pharmacist and therefore often tweets about medicine and other things related.
  3. Natasha Burgert, MD – @DoctorNatasha – Pediatrician, mom, and blogger, sharing important information and tweeting about what’s important.
  4. The Kid’s Doctor – @TheKidsDoctor – Sharing answers to questions you never knew you had about your kids and their health.
  5. The Doctors – @TheDoctors – You know the show, so follow the official Twitter page of the The Doctors and potentially have your questions answered.
  6. Berci Mesko, MD, PHD – @Berci – Tech geek who blogs about the integration of technology and medicine. He really shares some inspiring things!
  7. Dr. Mehmet Oz – @DrOz – You know him and you love him, he shares tweets about all of your questions and is one of the best and well known doctors on social media.
  8. Leslie Saxon, MD – @DrLeslieSaxon – Want to know about the future of healthcare? Here’s the twitter account for you to follow then.
  9. ZDoggMD – @zdoggmd – He makes medicine fun and shows that it doesn’t always have to be dry and boring.


  1. Cassie (Me) – @MommyRN_ – I obviously had to add myself. Following me you will get relevant information for parents and answers to some of your most burning medical questions.
  2. Andrew Lopez, RN – @nursefriendly – If you are a nurse, you want to follow Andrew because he shares great things that nurses will appreciate!
  3. Brittney Wilson, BSN – @TheNerdyNurse – Another great account for nurses to follow, but she also occasionally shares great posts for non-nurses too!
  4. Nurse Katz – @michellekatzmsn – Healthcare advocate tweeting about things we should know about, but often don’t.
  5. Dawn Ginese, RN – @TheSingingNurse – Dawn has many talents, nursing is just one of them, and she shares her knowledge and fun on her blog as well.


  1. American Medical Association (AMA) – @AmerMedicalAssn – Obviously the best place to get your information is right at the source
  2. Stem Cells Global – @StemCellsGlobal – If you want some of the latest information on stem cell research, make sure you add Stem Cells Global to your list.
  3. CDC – @CDCgov – The official twitter profile of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making sure you get the most accurate information on all the latest diseases and illnesses.


  1. Shawn Riley – @rilescat – One of the leading researchers at the Mayo Clinic, need I say more?
  2. Mayo Clinic – @MayoClinic – Just one online resource that even nurses and doctors follow for the latest research and information in healthcare.
  3. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – @StJude – The worldwide leader in treating childhood cancer, and all donations go straight to the families in need, so no family pays a penny. It’s always nice to hear about all the good they are doing.

Following these medical profiles on twitter will help you stay up to date on the latest medical advances and developments.

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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