Tips for Switching to Cloth Diapers on a Budget

Once I decided to switch to cloth diapers, there was a lot of research I had to do.  Not only did I have to learn about the different types of diapers and how to care for them, I had to figure out how much I wanted to spend on diapers.

Let me tell you from experience, it can easily become an addiction and you can spend a lot more than anticipated on cloth diapers. You can also switch to cloth diapers on a budget though, with a little help and following these tips.

Tips for Switching to Cloth Diapers on a Budget

  • Set a budget and stick to it. This seems like a no brainer, but it can be hard. The tips for saving money with anything is stick to a budget, but when you are buying cute diapers it is so hard to not buy every pattern out there!
  • Don’t buy online. If you can help it, don’t buy your cloth diapers online. Where I live we don’t have anywhere to buy cloth diapers, so I didn’t have a choice. The issue then came with all the selections. It was so easy to get caught up in looking and adding diapers to my cart and before I knew it I had 50 items in there, around $500-600 worth, that I had to sort through.
  • Avoid the suggestions if you buy online. When you purchase and item online at a store like Amazon, they always give you suggestions based on what you recently bought. The idea is to get you to purchase more. Avoid looking through these unless it is in your budget to buy more.
  • Make sure you have everything you need before buying extras. I was able to purchase everything I needed (diapers, inserts, wet bags) way under budget which made me really happy because that meant I could buy more cute diapers. First though, I made sure I had everything I needed.
  • Don’t buy name brand. There are name brand diapers out there that charge $25+ per diaper. That means you would have $500 just in diapers, and that was just too much for me. Instead, buy your diapers on Amazon or Ebay. You can easily purchase brand new diapers for around $10 each, meaning you can buy twice as many diapers for less. Make sure you do your research on the diapers before purchasing though. The other plus with this is that you could be supporting work at home moms.
  • Buy used. If you want the name brand diapers you can still switch to cloth diapers on a budget if you buy used diapers. You can usually get used diapers for around $10 each as well. Just make sure you ask for pictures to verify the diapers are in good condition. Cloth Diaper Trader is a great place to find used diapers.
  • Save diapers for the next baby. Cloth diapers don’t go bad, so you can save your cloth diapers for the next baby and essentially diaper them for free.
  • Enter giveaways. This isn’t really a great way to start your cloth diaper stash, but if you are looking for a new pattern this is a great way to potentially get one for free.
  • Check out Fluff Love University for more great tips.

You can save money if you switch to cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are expensive in the beginning, that is why these tips are great if you are trying to switch to cloth diapers on a budget.

Do you have any additional tips to switch to cloth diapers on a budget? How did you save money when you made the switch to cloth diapers?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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