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    Slim Belly System Review and Coupon Code

    What is the Slim Belly System? Slim Belly System – Photo credit In 2008 the Slim Belly System was released in Germany and since then it has grown significantly around the globe with almost 1 million satisfied users. The Slim Belly System uses air pressure bodyforming technology to massage stubborn fat in your midsection while […] More

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    Why am I Overweight?

    In the past few years of trying to lose weight I have learned that before you can start losing weight you have to come to terms with why you are overweight in the first place. This isn’t about placing the blame on anyone, it’s about getting to the root of the problem. You can’t blame […] More

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    My Weight Loss Journey

    I am going to get really open and brave here. I have decided to share my weight loss journey with all of you who follow my blog and may need a little extra motivation. Plus, I am hoping that it will keep me accountable for my actions and help me be more successful. Over time […] More

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    What You Should Know About Exercising While Breastfeeding

    Moms who breastfeed worry about everything they do and put into their bodies. They worry about eating fish or drinking wine and what it will do to their breastmilk. Many new moms are not worried about working out for the first few months, so the subject usually doesn’t come up for several months after the […] More

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    30 Minute Bodyweight Only Workout

    We all intend to live a healthier lifestyle. We want to eat healthier and exercise more, but there are always excuses. I’m too tired, I don’t have the time, I don’t know how to cook, and so much more. I always intend to work out, but I feel like I don’t have the time. I […] More