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    Does Multitasking Make You More Productive?

    As a society we are convinced that if we are multitasking, we are being more productive. We think that because we are multitasking we are getting more work done in less time, therefore we are being more productive. Science has shown though, that multitasking doesn’t make you more productive. In fact, multitasking can make us […] More

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    13 Pros and Cons of Working From Home

    Everyone wants to work from home and in today’s world it is so much easier to work from home. I have talked before about if working from home is right for you because you have to have the right personality and motivation. When thinking about working at home though, you need to know about the […] More

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    Work at Home Mom Guilt

    A while back I wrote about my stay at home mom guilt. I have been working from home for several months now and I have found that I have just as much guilt as a work at home mom as I did as a stay at home mom. I feel guilty that I chose to […] More

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    Is Working From Home Right For You?

    With the internet making it easier to work from home, this job status is becoming more appealing and more prevalent in today’s world. But, is working from home right for you? How can you know if you will succeed while working from home? You have to look at yourself and your situation to determine if […] More