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    Sore Leaking Breasts During Pregnancy

    I have said before that during my first pregnancy I had every possible symptom there was. This meant that I had sore breasts my entire pregnancy. The thing is that it didn’t stop there for me, my breast leaked from the time I was 16 week pregnant on. It was annoying, but I learned how […] More

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    10 Tips for Getting Ready to Move

    If you have been around the blog lately you know that my family and I have recently moved to a new house. Personally, I hate moving. As a child I moved several times and I decided that as an adult, I didn’t want to move that much. So far in the past 8 years I […] More

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    Fifth Disease

    As a pediatric nurse I see all kids of different illnesses and diseases in children. It is really amazing how fast one thing can spread between children when they are in close proximity. That is why it is important for parents to know some of the most common childhood illnesses and what to do when […] More

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    The Art of Blissful Parenting Review

    When I was contacted by Lynette from Firetalker PR about reviewing “The Art of Blissful Parenting” I was a little skeptical about it, but I thought what could it hurt to check it out and see what the book was all about. Once I got the book and started reading it, I was amazed!  It […] More

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    Head Injuries in Children: What You Need to Know

    It’s summer and that means that our children are all playing outside a lot more, which means there is a bigger risk of them getting hurt. Often times the scariest injuries for parents are head injuries, often because we hear so many bad things about head injuries and how they affect people, especially kids. In […] More

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    Disappearing Apps and Your Teens

    Many parents have read the recent headlines about how our children are deserting Facebook in an effort to find new social media hangouts away from our prying eyes. Our kids’ desires to keep mom and dad in the dark about their online activity has led to a bumper crop of new social media apps and […] More

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    Top Posts in May 2016

    I recently decided to share my top posts of the last month. I love the idea because it helps me and it helps you. It helps me know which posts are becoming popular, which posts are being found on Google and which posts are being shared. Most of the time my top posts are from […] More

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    Taking Control Over Your Breath

    Healthcare is a broken system. Kids with asthma are getting the same treatment today as their parents decades ago. Imagine a world in which diabetics didn’t have a blood glucose meter to manage their health. This is the world asthmatics live in today. Parents are left in the dust about their child’s health. What if […] More

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    5 Strengths and Weaknesses I Have

    We all have strengths and weaknesses, but do you know your top 5 strengths and weakness? I never really thought about it until the Thirty Things About Me Challenge, which has prompted me to think about so many things that I have never thought about before. My strengths and weaknesses are just one of the […] More

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    Sponsored Post: Graduation Announcements

    This is a sponsored post for Basic Invite. I was compensated in exchange for publishing this post.  For parents, time seems to fly when it comes to our children’s milestones. Before you know it, your little boy or girl isn’t so little anymore and it’s time for them to graduate! Such a big day in […] More

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