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    Surviving the Holidays with Kids

    The holidays are here and that means gatherings and parties with family and friends. We never want your kids to be grumpy for special occasions, especially ones that involve the family and friends. But, once you have kids this time of year can be even more stressful there because are so many events going on […] More

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    30 Days of Thanks

    I am sure you know that in November it is typical for people to post one thing they are thankful for once a day for the entire month on their Facebook or Twitter page. It is a great idea, and I really like the idea of using social media for positivity instead of negativity. I […] More

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    Spooktacular Safety Tips For Halloween!

    Amy-Rose Lane was nice enough to share a wonderful infographic about Halloween Safety with us today. I know I haven’t been posting since I am revamping my blog, but I felt it necessary to share this with you today to help you keep your kids safe while Trick-or-Treating. I remember when I was little, my […] More