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    Stay at Home Mom Guilt

    Stay at home mom guilt As parents we always have guilt about something. We feel guilty about how we feed our children, what clothes we put on them, where we send them to school and so much more. You may not believe it, but even stay at home moms have guilt. Stay-at-home mom guilt is just […] More

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    Are We Pushing “Breast is Best” Too Much?

    Breastfeeding is a hot topic these days, for many reasons. Many people complain about women who breastfeed in public, while others complain about those complaining. Well, this post is nothing like that, this post is about the new trends in hospitals that are pressuring moms to breastfeed. Many people complain about women who breastfeed in […] More

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    The Taboo Subject

    Everyone knows how a baby changes your life and how you are so happy once you finally get to hold her in your arms. We all know that the weeks and months ahead are going to be filled with sleep deprivation and crying (both you and the baby). But there are taboo subjects that no […] More