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    What Should I Do Before Pregnancy?

    We all know that there are things you should do during your pregnancy. We know there are foods we should avoid, we should exercise, and take our vitamins; but did you know there are things you should do before you get pregnant to help you have a healthy pregnancy? That’s right, there are things you should […] More

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    Hand Foot Mouth Disease: What You Need to Know

    I have said before that it is hard for a parent to see their child sick. When you know your little one is getting sick you do all the research you can to figure out what they have and how you can help them get better. Hand Foot Mouth Disease is one illness that is […] More

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    Ear Infections: What You Need to Know

    One of the most common illnesses in children is ear infections. Even though they are one of the most common illnesses, they are one that many parents don’t understand much about. What is an ear infection? Ear infections can be in the inner, middle, or outer ear and they can be caused by bacteria or […] More

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    What Shouldn’t I Eat When I am Pregnant

    Once you become pregnant everyone has advice for you. Some of this advice comes in the form of what you should and shouldn’t eat. It is important to listen to your doctor one what you should and shouldn’t eat. Often times it is hard to remember what all you shouldn’t eat. Even for me, I […] More

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    An Introduction to Newborn Care

    Many first time parents are so excited when they find out they are pregnant and they are excited to bring their new baby home. Many times when those new parents come home they realize they don’t know how to take care of a newborn. Many parents leave the hospital completely unprepared for what is going […] More

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    P is for Peanut Allergy

    If you have read around my blog, you know that I have talked about food allergies in the past, more specifically, my daughter’s milk allergy. When I was making out my editorial calendar for April and came across “P” for the challenge, I thought what better topic than peanut allergy? Peanut allergy is the most […] More

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    Getting Ready for a 2 Year-Olds Birthday Party

    I can’t believe I am even writing that title. I can’t believe that my baby is almost 2 years old! I thought I would share with you all the fun of preparing for her birthday party. To start, we decided to buy an outfit for her because who doesn’t love little ones in cute outfits […] More

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    Baby Fever

    Baby fever, did you know that it is a real emotion? You know when you get the sudden urge to start making babies, usually because someone you know has a baby? Yeah, it has been researched and it is a real emotion, and currently I am suffering (or not suffering, depending on how you look […] More

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    The Real Cost of Having a Baby

    A lot of people think, and even hope, that a baby will be in their future at some time. Some people want children earlier in life while others want to wait. While there is no perfect time to have a baby, anyone considering having a baby should learn about the real cost of having a […] More

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    Organizing Baby Clothes

    Babies go through clothes quick. Within the first year you will completely switch out your new baby’s clothes at least 4 times as she grows. This will lead to a lot of clothes that you have to do something with. There are several ways you can deal with this overabundance of clothing. You can sell them at […] More

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    Vaccination Schedule

    Many people worry about the amount of vaccinations their child gets and when they get them. Many people don’t know what vaccines their child should get, when they should get them and what they protect against. I could just put a picture up her of the vaccination schedule and let you figure it out yourself, […] More

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    Best Apps for Parents

    We live in a digital world where we are all connected in one way or another to our smartphones or tablets. Sometimes they make our lives a little easier while other times they just waste our time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have apps that you know will help you manage your time and maybe even […] More

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