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Tackle Your Teen’s Messy Room

Tackle Your Teen's Messy Room

Adolescence is a difficult age and most parents have a lot of problems with their teenagers during it. Teens regard their room as their personal space and shelter from the outside world. They pile it with items and make it messy or decorate it in a way which may seem extravagant. Teenagers express themselves with art and may want to make some changes in the layout and arrangement of the furniture and items in their room. Besides that, they usually make it look like a complete mess. Here are some strategies that you can use to negotiate with your grown-up kids to make them keep their rooms tidy and clean.

Work with your kids instead of against them in making some rules about organizing their room. As a parent, you are responsible for your kids’ proper development and you should demand from them to keep clean and tidy their rooms. Try to attract them on your side and explain why it is important to provide proper cleaning of their room at least once in the week.

One of the most common mistakes that parents make is to regard the household work as their own responsibility and treat their children as guests. Consider yourself the manager of your team which is your family. Convince your teens that their room is messy and try to help them remove the clutter from it. Create rules for them to make them more organized.

Try to motivate your teens instead of yelling about how dirty and messy their room is. Help them to gather all items which they don’t need and put them on sale or donate the unnecessary items to some organization. Let them keep the proceeds and they will certainly be interested. Use other motivational approaches instead of punishment. Teenage years are delicate and your approach for communicating with your kids should be gentle and appropriate.  

When reaching a certain age, teenagers need more freedom. Give them the freedom they need and don’t try to push them do the things you say they should. If they insist on certain arrangement of their room, listen to their reasons why and make a compromise. If you work as a team, you will achieve better results.

Change the way you behave towards your teenagers before you start to have more problems with them. If you usually scold them for not cleaning or tidying their room, change your approach. Tell them that you will clean and tidy their room if they don’t do this. Try different tactics until you learn what works for them and apply it next time. Give your grown-up children the freedom they need but make some rules for them to follow. If they don’t do it, deprive them of something you know they like to do as a final measure.

To keep your kids’ room clean and neat, use the following tips. Let them choose the décor in their own room and they will feel proud about it. This will make them keep the necessary hygiene in their room. Help your kids de-clutter by moving some items in other rooms. Use bins or baskets instead of drawers if your teens prefer them. Use hampers in their bedroom to store dirty clothes. Assign a study area for your teenagers using a desk with a chair or a table and a cabinet with shelves. Provide everything they need and don’t let them eat in their bedroom.

Every teenager wants to be independent and have more freedom, but a parent you should insist that your kids follow certain rules. You can create them together and make some compromises, but don’t let your teens turn their room into a messy place. Insist that they provide regular cleaning and tidying of their rooms.
The article is contributed by Edna from Shiny Cleaners SW5.

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