Sore Leaking Breasts During Pregnancy

I have said before that during my first pregnancy I had every possible symptom there was. This meant that I had sore breasts my entire pregnancy. The thing is that it didn’t stop there for me, my breast leaked from the time I was 16 week pregnant on. It was annoying, but I learned how to deal with it.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are the reason for all the horrible symptoms you have. Sorry, but it’s just part of the joys of being a woman, hormones are to blame for everything and there just isn’t much you can do about it.

Sore Leaking Breasts During Pregnancy

There are many changes that your breasts will go through during your pregnancy to prepare them for breastfeeding. One of the first changes you will notice is that your breasts will get bigger, it is very possible that your breast size will increase 1 to 2 cup sizes. You may also notice some skin and pigment changes and some veins may become visible. Another change you will notice is that the bumps on your areola will become more pronounced. These bumps produce oils that will help when breastfeeding your new baby. Lastly, as I mentioned before, it is possible that your breasts will start leaking colostrum. Most of the time this doesn’t happen until the third month of pregnancy, but it is very possible for it to happen earlier.

When you are dealing with sore and leaking breasts during pregnancy it can be annoying and you may just want it all to be over. The thing is that even though there isn’t much you can do about it, for me, this was one of the symptoms that was manageable.

One of the first things you need to make sure you do is to get a well fitting and supportive bra. As I mentioned, your breasts can increase in size so you will need to be measured for a bra at least once, if not several times during your pregnancy and you may need to buy new bras several times. You will also want to avoid underwire if you can and stick with cotton bras as they will be more breathable. You may also find that you need support around the clock. In this case you may want to wear a sports bra to bed to help with the tenderness at night.

Make sure your partner understands that you are sore. Explain to them that your breasts hurt and that you would appreciate it if they could avoid them when it comes to intimacy. It may be difficult, so be patient and just remind them if needed.

Sometimes a warm shower or cool compress can help with the pain. You will need to find out what works for you and what feels good for you, but warm or cool compresses can help with the pain.

To deal with leaky breasts during pregnancy you will want to invest in some good breast pads. There are many different kinds of breast pads and different brands. You can use washable pads or disposables, it’s up to you, but you want to find some that work for you. You want to keep the moisture away from your breasts so you can remain comfortable throughout the day. Personally I like the Lansinoh breast pads as they have a slightly sticky backing that helps keep them in place.

If the tenderness is bad enough that it is disrupting your daily life you can take some Tylenol as needed. I wouldn’t take Tylenol daily if you can avoid it, just use it when you absolutely need to. If you find that Tylenol doesn’t help or that you need to take it all the time, talk to your doctor. There could be something else going on or your doctor can talk to you about other ways to relieve your pain.

How did you deal with sore and leaking breasts during pregnancy?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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