Smart hacks for cleaning toys

Many nurseries are usually stuffed with piles of toys and this is not a bit surprising. Each time you enter the mall, you end up buying another Barbie doll, teddy bear or toy truck. For a few days your child is thrilled with the latest addition to their toy collection but after a short while the toy either ends up in the corner of the room or is soiled beyond recognition with all kinds of dirt. And now comes the unpleasant part – it is your responsibility and obligation as a parent to clean and disinfect it thoroughly for your kid’s sake. Unfortunately toys are difficult to clean as there are multiple crannies and nooks – the perfect breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms. But don’t worry!

Smart Hacks for Cleaning Toys

Smart Hacks for Cleaning Toys

Here are a few smart tips by deluxe cleaners in W12 that you might find helpful when cleaning toys.

Use your dishwasher

Who says the dishwasher is meant for washing plates and bowls only? Thanks to the high temperatures in there, it’s the perfect place to sanitise and clean in detail all kinds of toys. But be careful! Avoid using strong detergents when cleaning your child’s toys in the dishwasher because after all, they might end up in the little one’s mouth. Why not substitute the detergent with some good old vinegar and lemon? They are just as effective in removing grime and far less dangerous. Mind you this method is applicable only if the toys don’t contain batteries inside. Worried about the tiniest toys like your little boy’s toy soldiers? All you have to do is put them in a mesh bag and you’re good to go!

Bathe the Barbie dolls

Your baby girl is in possession of about five (hundred?) different Barbie dolls but always messes them up. You can probably find one in your backyard, another is abandoned on your kitchen’s floor and a third one – in your bath tub. No wonder they always end up in a pitiable condition. Here’s a good cleaning hack for you – all you need is some baking soda, an old toothbrush and some soap or shampoo. Fill the sink with warm water and add the shampoo to make a Barbie doll bubble bath. Take off Barbie’s clothes, put some shampoo or soap on the toothbrush and scrub the doll’s body and hair. Wash and repeat but the second time add some baking soda – it will remove all dirty spots and Barbie will look as fabulous as she once did. Oh, but don’t forget to hand-wash her clothes too!

Teddy Clean 101

Be careful with teddy bears! You might think they’re cute but their stuffing and fluffy fabric are an oasis for bacteria and dangerous microbes. Wash them every now and then as we all know they are frequently rolling on the ground – even outside. This is what you need for the procedure: a spray bottle, a softener and ballpoint brush. Blend the softener with water in the spray bottle. Spray the teddy with the mixture and using the ballpoint brush carefully brush the toy. Afterwards you might spray it with some perfume if you like – this way the teddy will not only be clean but will smell delightful.

Wood toys

Supposedly wood has antibacterial properties. However, you should not take this at its face value. It is advisable to clean wood toys every now and then for optimal safety. The process is relatively simple – all it takes is some vinegar and a piece of cloth. Spill some of the vinegar on the cloth and diligently rub the toy with it. This will clean and disinfect it. Don’t worry about the unpleasant odour – it will dissipate shortly after.

Toys with batteries

These demand some special attention as it is advisable to avoid immersing them in water. Needless to say before you begin you should remove the batteries. Again you will need a piece of cloth, soapy water and some rubbing alcohol for disinfection. Dip the cloth in the water, soap and alcohol solution and wring it. Then wipe the exterior of the toy. Avoid wetting the battery box. The alcohol will dry out quickly and if there is excess moisture, you can always wipe it out with a piece of dry cloth.

As you can see cleaning your child’s toys is not necessarily a nightmare. Try these hacks and your kid’s toys will always be safe, disinfected and clean so you wouldn’t have to worry about grime, bacteria and microbes any more. But most importantly, teach your child to take good care of their toys – this way you wouldn’t have to repeat these procedures as often.

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