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Slim Belly System Review and Coupon Code

What is the Slim Belly System?

Slim Belly System

Slim Belly System – Photo credit

In 2008 the Slim Belly System was released in Germany and since then it has grown significantly around the globe with almost 1 million satisfied users.

The Slim Belly System uses air pressure bodyforming technology to massage stubborn fat in your midsection while you are doing your normal cardio workout. The massaging increases circulation to these fat layers and helps your body use the fat as fuel.

Slim Belly System started as a way to help you lose inches in one of the most difficult areas to lose weight. With many similar belts, you put it on and leave it, these are more commonly known as waist trainers. The issue with these is that you leave them on all the time and when you take them off your waist is right back where is was. The Slim Belly System is different. It is not an instant fix, so once you take it off your waist is back to where it was, but where it is different is that you wear this belt while you are working out.

Commonly, after a workout you have “cold zones” which are in areas where most people struggle to lose inches. These zones are commonly found in the stomach area or hip area. When using the Slim Belly System, it massages these areas, increasing the circulation, helping your body use that stubborn belly fat for energy. Over time, you will start to see the inches melting away. It also will reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, and improve your skin’s appearance.

The Slim Belly System is meant to be used 3 times per week during a 30 minute cardio workout, at least 12 times a month.

Does it work?

I could tell you just to visit the Slim Belly System website and look at the reviews there, but I think it would be better coming from me.

Slim Belly System

Opening my Slim Belly System

I will be honest, I was skeptical at first. I didn’t understand how it could possibly work, especially with claims that some people have lost 5+ inches overall. With that being said, I was very pleased once I started using it and I don’t think I will ever workout without my Slim Belly System.

Slim Belly System

Slim Belly System – Photo credit

Slim Belly System

Slim Belly System – Photo credit

Slim Belly System

Slim Belly System – Photo credit

My first workout with my Slim Belly System was great, and gross. Let me explain.

First, I worried that it would cause a lot of noise and potentially wake up my daughter. That wouldn’t work for me because the only time I can workout is if I get up before her in the morning, so if it was loud enough that it woke her up, I wouldn’t get to workout. I was surprised. I had seen some mention of the noise it makes on the reviews on the site, but in reality, it wasn’t that loud. In fact, over the noise from my music and headphones I didn’t even hear it.

Second, I had heard that you could feel it massaging your stomach area, and I didn’t think I would like that, especially while I was trying to run. Again, I was amazed. I didn’t even really feel the massaging.

Lastly, and this is the gross part, is the amount of sweat! I had felt my stomach many times after a workout and usually it is cool to the touch, but with the Slim Belly System, that is not the case. Infact, when I took it off, my stomach was warm and dripping wet with sweat.

After that, I felt like there had to be some sort of results. Again, I was amazed!

When you start using the Slim Belly System you measure yourself one inch above and one inch below your belly button. Here are my results for before:

One inch above: 39 inches

One inch below: 42 inches

(I can’t believe I am admitting this and I am slightly ashamed, but anyway, maybe this will help me stay motivated!)

Here are my results after 2 weeks, and 6 sessions:

One inch above: 37 inches

One inch below: 41 inches

Wow! That is a total of 3 inches lost in just 2 weeks. Trust me, these are real results and I will continue to use my Slim Belly System and keep updating you.

Now, the Slim Belly System is not meant for weight loss, so I have not seen any increase in how quickly I am losing weight. Honestly though, I don’t care. I refuse to let the number on the scale define me, all I want it to be healthier and have my clothes fit better.

The Slim Belly System is only available in gyms and fitness centers in Europe, but it is available for individual purchase in North, Central, and South America. Slim Belly was nice enough to give me a coupon code for my readers to get 10%, or $34.90 off per Slim Belly System and free shipping. To take advantage of this offer, visit Slim Belly to purchase you Slim Belly System and use code MOMMYRN at checkout.

I will be honest, this is a pricier item at $349 (originally $499), so with the coupon code you would pay $314.10 plus tax. The thing is that it would be worth it though. Having excess fat around your midsection increases your risk of heart disease, so anything that helps decrease that fat will improve your health, not to mention how much better your clothes will fit after using it for a month or two. I promise you, once you use it just once you will be hooked and never workout without it again.

Do you think you will try the Slim Belly System?

**I was given the Slim Belly System in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and my results are real.**

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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