What Shouldn’t I Eat When I am Pregnant

Once you become pregnant everyone has advice for you. Some of this advice comes in the form of what you should and shouldn’t eat. It is important to listen to your doctor one what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Often times it is hard to remember what all you shouldn’t eat. Even for me, I had trouble remembering if I could eat something or not, especially when we were out and about. Having an infographic helped me a lot because I was able to remember all the photos on the infographic.

I hope this infographic helps you remember what you should and shouldn’t eat while pregnant as well.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

From Visually.

Eating the right foods and staying away from other foods when pregnant is the best way to ensure the healthiest pregnancy for you and your unborn baby.

While you should avoid the foods listed in this infographic, I know that sometimes you just forget and may end up eating something on the list. Often times you are advised to avoid these items because of the risk of it not being properly cooked or prepared. You may eat these foods and never have an issue during your pregnancy, but at the same time, just one bad batch of food could put you and your baby at risk. When you are pregnant your immune system is compromised meaning that when you are not pregnant your body can fight off these little illnesses, but when you are pregnant you are more susceptible to them.

It is best to avoid these foods, but if you forget once, just be glad you didn’t end up sick, and try to remember next time around.

How did you remember which foods you couldn’t and couldn’t have when you were pregnant? Did you ever accidentally eat something you shouldn’t have? What was the outcome.

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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