September Goal Update and October Goals

Last month I was dreading this post, and this month I am back to looking forward to it. I still don’t think I have made much progress on my goals, but I think I did better in September than I did in August. We are already a week into October since I do my goal updates on the first Friday of the month.7September Goals Update and October Goals


  • Publish one post every day this year. I have still been able to do this. I even managed through migraines and illness last month. Not sure how I did it, but I did and I am proud of myself for making it through. Just 3 more months to go and I will have published a post every day for 366 days! How amazing would that be?
  • Write every day. Again, I struggle with this one sometimes because I am busy or I have other things going on that prevent me writing every single day, but I do write at least 5 times per week, which is a start.
  • Try to be a week ahead of schedule. Yuck, still a no go on this one for the month. I have been having a hard time getting caught up, but I am working on it. It’s just been nuts with everything else going on and everyone being sick. Still, I think it’s an accomplishment to have published a post every day with everything else that has been going on.
  • Always be on the lookout for post ideas. I am doing a little better with this one. If I am being honest, I have over 100 ideas in a list, I just have to decide when to write them a publish them. That would be enough to get me through this year and then some, but some of the posts are seasonal. Anyway, I have plenty of post ideas and I don’t think I will have a problem publishing a post every day as long as I keep ahead of schedule.
  • Write down post ideas. I have been doing better with this one. Like I said I have a whole list of potential posts, and I remembered to write them all down. That is a huge plus! What’s even better is that when I do happen to put one in my notes on my phone I have been remembering to move it so my master list. That means that not only am I writing them down, but I am keeping them all organized in one place!
  • Accept guest posts. I didn’t have any guest posts last month. I did have one so far this month so that’s good. I have had a lot of people ask, but most of them are from commercial sites just looking for a link and not a product that I would recommend, so I have turned them down. I am very picky about what posts I accept because I want to give my readers the best.
  • Write more guest posts. Yeah, I haven’t been doing as well as I would like with this one either. I did have one guest post published earlier in the month on a site that I am going to be publishing about 4 times per year, but other than that, that’s it. I am not making the progress I would like to towards my goal of 50 guest posts. Not sure that I can get there by the end of the year. It can be hard to find time when you are working 40 hours, caring for a 2 year old, writing for your own blog everyday, and so on. I have been doing better at getting up in the mornings so I am hoping to start having more time!
  • Read books. I have still been reading books. I have been reading one a month and sharing them and while I need to get busy reading for this month, I did great last month and will be sharing my review of the book later this month.
  • Set up a free item for signing up for email updates. I said last month that I hadn’t gotten this ready yet. Again, this is something I need to work on and something that is taking away from me being able to write more guest posts. I have one month to get it finished, so hopefully I can get working on it.
  • Accept more reviews. I have been accepting products for reviews, but it’s hard when you get faulty products. I had one that I was supposed to do last month, but the product didn’t work and the company and I decided to put the review on hold until the issues are fixed. Hopefully it’s fixed soon!

I have made some progress with some of my goals while others have stayed the same. I hope that since I have been getting up earlier in the morning I can make more progress through my goals this month.


Last month was rough for my personal goals as I had about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks where I was unable to work out and it was hard to even get out of bed to take care of my daughter. If you have ever had migraines you know what I am talking about, and last month I had them for a week and a half straight, not to mention the whole family being sick.

  • Lose 60 pounds. So this hasn’t been going good at all the last few months. At the beginning of last month I was up 10 pounds from my starting weight. This month, I am still up 7.2 pounds from my starting weight. It’s been a rough journey but I will get there. I just have to stay consistent and I have been doing better lately. I talked about my new motivation for weight loss, and I hope this keeps me going.
  • 732 miles this year. I originally started with a goal of 366 miles, but I passed that with no problem so it was time to ramp up the difficulty. Still, this is just averaging 2 miles per day. I plan to reach this goal then next year I will try to go for even more miles! Anyway, onto what I have managed this month. I total I walked 68.66 miles this month, which is an average of more than 2 miles per day, so I am still on track to meet my goal before the end of the year. So far for the year I have 613.9 miles, which means I only have 118.1 miles to go before I reach my goal. If I keep up on the track I am going I will reach that by December!
  • Run a 10 minute mile. I am still unable to run on my treadmill, but I have been using my Maxi-Climber, which is more of a workout than the treadmill, let me tell you! I am not sure where I am with my goal of a 10 minute mile, but I know that I feel better and that is the important part.
  • Eat out less. Last month I am not sure how often we ate out, but I know that we ate out less than we had been. I wasn’t really eating healthy because it was hard to cook when I was sick and had a migraine, but we still stuck to eating things in the house for the most part. The fact that we have moved and are unable to eat out any time we want has been amazing and I am so glad I have cut fast food out of my diet.
  • Finish our basement. Well, the old house basement is finished, so this one can come off next month. Eventually we may decide to finish the basement in the new house, but that’s not going to be anytime in the very near future.
  • Finish the last few projects on the current house. Again, this is all done, so this one can come off next month!
  • Sell our current house. Last month I said that our house was under contract, and now I have even better news. Amazingly we have finally closed on the old house and are out from under the mortgage. It is an amazing feeling and has lifted a huge weight off my chest!

Wow, this month has been busy and crazy, but I have made some progress. I have made huge progress on some of my goals too which is amazing! I have to say that after doing this I am more pleased than I thought I would be. I didn’t think I made so much progress. This is why I keep doing this because it really does help me see where I am with my goals and I strongly suggest you do it too!

It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to a close, just 3 short months and we will be in 2017 and thinking about new resolutions!

What do you want to achieve in the last 3 months of the year? Have you been thinking about possible resolutions? Is there any way you could start on your resolutions now?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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