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R is for Reward Box Review

Many times as parents we have to come up with ways to reward our kids for good behavior. Many times we resort to sticker charts, and that means every time we run out of stickers we have to buy more. It doesn’t seem like much, but before you know it you have a ton of stickers and piles of papers to make those charts.

You could always buy the premade charts, but that’s no fun. It can be hard to customize them as your child gets older.

The reward box is such a great alternative!

What is the reward box?

The reward box is a great way to help motivate your child to do chores or behave well. The reward box comes with a wooden box and wooden tokens. As your child performs a chore or shows good behavior (whatever you would reward them with a sticker if you are using sticker charts), your child gets to put a token in the box. After so many tokens, you can set the prize that your child receives.

The Reward Box was started by a London Mum – Sarah Kerr.  Sarah came up with the concept of The Reward Box when she was potty training her son.  Reward charts weren’t working and he quickly lost interest in the marble jar.  Sarah was keen not to give him a toy or candy every time he used the potty so she came up with the idea of the The Reward Box where he could receive a token of his achievement (a silver star) but these could be magically replaced with a reward when he had hit his goal.  Sarah decided to turn her homemade box into a beautiful children’s accessory and The Reward Box has grown from there!

The Reward Box

The Reward Box – Photo credit

The Reward Box

The Reward Box – Photo credit

Each box comes with 20 wooden tokens in the shape of stars in a silver organza bag.

Currently we use our reward box to encourage my daughter to put her toys away before bed. She is only 2 and she already loves the idea of putting one of the little stars in the box before bed. I will most likely use it when we start potty training as well to encourage her to use the toilet.

I love the idea of the reward box because I don’t have a ton of stickers sitting around my house. It is also something that I can leave sit out where my daughter can see it during the day as a way to remind her to be good, but it looks nice enough that I don’t mind it sitting out where everyone can see.

The company also sells stickers to customize your box. You can put your child’s name and let them put some characters on the box or the tokens.

There are two choices for boxes, either princess or pirate. The stickers also coordinate.

Pirate reward box and stickers

Pirate reward box and stickers – Photo credit

Fairy reward box and stickers

Fairy reward box and stickers – Photo credit

Fairy stickers

Fairy stickers – Photo credit

Pirate stickers

Pirate stickers – Photo credit

Many parents wonder if it is possible to use the box with young children. The answer is yes! You can use the reward box and a reward system for any type of behavior. If you need help with ideas, head over to the reward box website, they give you a ton of ideas for different ages!

The reward box is a great way to help encourage young children to behave well. The reward box was founded in the UK, but they have recently launched in the US, which is exciting. The best part, you can buy both the fairy box and the pirate box (personalization stickers) on Amazon.

To keep up on the latest from the reward box company, you can follow them on Instagram (@therewardbox), Twitter (@therewardbox), and Facebook.

How do you reward your child for good behavior? Would you like to use a reward box? Do you already use something similar?

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Thanks for reading, Cassie

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