The Number 1 Skill Every WAHM Needs

When it comes to being a WAHM (work at home mom) I can think of many skills that you need.

You need to be patient because you will often have one or more children looking for your attention. Some days you will be able to work while your kids are awake, while other days you will have to wait until they are asleep.

You also need to be motivated to work because there will be days when you would rather play with your kids than work.

While these skills are all very important, there is one skill that I think every WAHM needs, and that is excellent time management skills.

The Number 1 Skill Every WAHM Needs

Being a WAHM isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. As I mentioned, you have at least one child looking for your attention. You have to feed that child, entertain that child, and more. Without great time management skills you may find it difficult to balance work, taking care of your children, and housework.

Your job will determine just how much time you need to dedicate to work and how flexible your schedule is. For example, if you are a mother to a younger child you may not want a job that requires you to be on the phone from 8-5.

Thankfully, while my job is a 40 hour a week job, my hours are very flexible. I can work weekends, mornings, nights, and any time that works for me. This is nice, but it still means I have to have some time management skills. I don’t want to only work while my daughter is sleeping because then I would only get a couple of hours of sleep a night.

Many people have asked me how I manage my time between working full time at home and running a blog, along with also working some weekends at the hospital, and I have to say, it all comes down to time management. I always wake up before my daughter so I can workout if I want, shower and get started working.

I started doing freelance work when my daughter was just 6 months old, and while it wasn’t anywhere near full time work, my daughter was used to me working in the mornings.

Just after she turned 1 was when I got the offer to work full time with the company I am with now. My daughter has always been independent, even from birth, but it has helped that she hasn’t really known anything other than me working.

Another thing that I think has helped is that I don’t expect my daughter to play in a different room. Many parents have a playroom or bedroom that they want their child to play in while they work in an office. This often leads to children who then end up bothering their parents while they are working because they want attention.

While I know that it isn’t the best, I work in my living room on my laptop where my daughter plays. She can see me and get my attention at any time and it doesn’t take away from my work.

I guess what goes along with time management is the ability to be adaptable.

What skill do you think is the most important skill for a WAHM? Do you think you have what it takes to be a WAHM?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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