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New parenting survey proves that setting chores makes kids more academically competent and responsible

Wednesday 26th August 2015 – Over 5000 parents from across the US and UK participated, providing insights into the chore habits of families to help shed some light on the ever controversial chore debate. The survey, conducted by two startups, family focused ‘Funifi’ and mobile survey platform ‘Pollfish’, foregrounds the findings, which favour the academic and skills benefits to kids, in an interactive infographic. Teacher and psychologist experts from the Funifi team devised the questions, allowing Pollfish to distribute the survey via apps to targeted parent consumers.     

A staggering 89% of parents who set chores believe their kids perform well at school compared to just 64% who don’t assign chores. That’s a considerable 25% difference. A further 88% of parents believe that assigning chores made their kids more responsible.

Setting Chores Makes Kids more responsible

Setting Chores Makes Kids more responsible


Chore setting saves you time

Managing a household, career and kids is a tough job for any parent. Without a doubt, getting kids involved in chores can help reduce the stress and time it takes you to get things done. As well as increased responsibility, the survey found that 96% of parents who set chores agree they also have a good relationship with their kids.

George Vou from Funifi said, ‘There’s really no need to cram your weekend full of chores and do everything by yourself when your kids could and perhaps should, help to ease the load. Just think what you could do with all that extra time on your hands if everyone helped out. A family day out or a treat for yourself, that sounds more like a memorable weekend right?’

Benefits of setting chores for your kids

With significant links to positive school performance, an astonishing finding revealed chores enhance children’s creativity, with 95% of parents agreeing to this.

George states, ‘We were pleased that the results of the survey seemed to backup a lot of the data available on the subject of chore setting and also agrees with the perspective of many psychologists and teachers’.

Chores improve behavior and skills

No matter how you filter the interactive menu options on the infographic, the results are intriguing. Behavior is impacted in a positive way with 92% of parents agreeing their kids are more disciplined. Chores really do offer children crucial life values according to their parents. If you’ve been debating setting chores for your kids in the past, the survey stats prove why it may be time to give it a go.

It is evident that if you want your children to be academically competent, develop a sense of responsibility and unleash their creative flair, setting them some chores can significantly help.


You can play around with this infographic and make your own discoveries if you like.

About Funifi

Funifi is a family first company dedicated to making life easier for parents. Funifi DO is a mobile app that gamifies everyday tasks and motivates children to get their chores done. Pouch is a virtual payment card that makes buying online safe and simple for families. The team states that by working with child psychologists, teachers and parents, they offer proven solutions within a secure online environment. The start-up began life in June 2013 with just three people and now consists of 12 members split across Copenhagen, London and the HQ in Nicosia, Cyprus. Funifi has received seed funding of $700K and tied up a strategic partnership with Unilever UK and Zazoo. The company’s mission is to ”positively impact every family on the planet”.

About Pollfish

Pollfish is a technology company which has access to over 130M smartphone users worldwide to whom it distributes surveys in order to collect consumer insights. Pollfish provides a DIY survey tool on its website, which allows anyone to create a survey, select a target audience and start receiving results in real-time. Consumers are then accessed on their mobile devices since Pollfish surveys are distributed through thousands of mobile apps from all over the world. Pollfish is dedicated to provide fast and accurate surveys as a cost-effective market research solution.

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