Myths About Stay at Home Moms

There are always stigmas about the way we live our lives. There are always things being said no matter if you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, or a work at home mom. I thought I would help debunk some of the myths about stay at home moms.

Myths About Stay at Home Moms

  • All stay at home moms love what they do. Yeah, on the outside it seems like the perfect life, no having to get up to go to work, sit around the house and play games with your kids, and just getting to spend time with your kids all day sounds like a great life. Honestly though, there are times that I don’t like being a stay at home mom. I wish that just for one day I could send my daughter somewhere else while I get a break. I used to feel bad about it, but the truth is, every parent needs a break from their child once in awhile and it is just fine to dislike staying home every now and then.
  • Stay at home moms stay home because they love it. Well, first off see above! We don’t always love it. We stay at home because it is what we feel is right for our family and our kids. Maybe it’s to save money on daycare, maybe it’s because there is no daycare close, or just because we would rather raise our kids instead of having someone else raise them.
  • Stay at home moms only stay at home to spend time with their kids. Ok, yeah this is true, especially in the early stages before your kids are in school. Once they start school though it is nice to be available for school functions and the participate in your kids learning.
  • Stay at home moms only play with their kids all day. Getting to play with my daughter whenever I want is a bonus of staying at home, but honestly I don’t play with her as much as one would think. I work full time from home, and I also spend a lot of time doing housework, paying bills, making meals, and more in between playing.
  • Stay at home moms are always free. This is one that I deal with a lot. Family and friends assume that because you are a stay at home mom you can just go do whatever they need you to at the drop of a hat. This isn’t true. I have to go everywhere with my daughter because my husband works and I don’t always have a baby sitter. Because of this leaving my house is a process, I have to get a bag ready to go and because my daughter is allergic to milk, I have to make sure I pack what I need for her to be able to eat.
  • Only certain types of women can stay at home. It is true that being a stay at home mom isn’t for everyone, but there is no one type of person who can be a stay at home mom. Any mom who wants to stay at home to raise her children can.
  • Stay at home moms and their families are poor. I don’t know what you consider “poor” but I don’t consider our family poor. We have enough money to pay our bills with money left over every month. We don’t get government assistance and my daughter has everything she needs and wants. I think that these families have more money because we learn to live with one income and save money when we can to make it work.
  • Stay at home moms are obsessed with drinking. I will admit it that I like wine, but that doesn’t mean that I am obsessed with drinking. I may have one bottle of wine a month, maybe less.
  • Stay at home moms are dependent on their partners. Being a stay at home mom does not mean that I am dependent on my husband. First off, we are a partnership. Next, I have an education, if you have read any of this blog you know that I am a registered nurse and I keep up on my skills so, if needed I can always go back to work. Also, I work from home, so even though my husband makes enough money to cover our bills, I still contribute to our savings to build our future house!

There are many other myths about stay at home moms out there, but these are just the most common ones that I have heard.

What myths have you hear about stay at home moms? How do you respond when someone says something about you being a stay at home mom?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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