My Experience With Cloth Diapering

I have written several posts before about cloth diapering, but I have never talked about my personal experience with cloth diapers. It has been a learning curve, and I have learned a lot.

My Experience with Cloth Diapering

To start, it took me a few days to figure out just how often I needed to change her diapers. Cloth diapers do not hold near as much liquid as disposables, which is to be expected because cloth diapers lack the chemicals that disposables do. After a couple of days though I figured it out. If you are starting with a newborn you won’t have as much of a learning curve here, but since I waited until my daughter was 18 months old, there was a lot more urine to be contained.

When I first started with cloth diapers, I knew you had to wash the diapers first, but I had no idea that it could take several washes before they reached their maximum absorbency. I learned that the hard way when I ordered new inserts and I had some issues with leaking, but only with a few diapers. It was after this that I learned it can take 5-10 washes to reach the maximum absorbency.

Cloth diapering at night is the biggest challenge I have faced. My daughter is a heavy wetter at night and the regular diapers we use during the day just are not big enough to hold enough inserts to make it the full 12 hours. Once I found the Kawii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter One Size Cloth Diaper I had found a solution. This diaper is made to hold several inserts, and even though it is huge once it is on, it has never failed! I have never had a leak and my daughter is a wild sleeper.

Cloth diapering has been a lot easier than I ever anticipated. I was worried in the beginning that it would be a lot of work with changing the diapers more often and washing them, but I have found that I actually look forward to using cloth diapers. There has been a couple of times that I have went back to disposables because we were not going to be home for days or because we all had diarrhea, and I am always waiting and ready to go back to cloth diapers.

I have saved a lot of money by cloth diapering, but at the same time, shopping for cloth diapers can be a bit of an addiction. I have had this issue because I want all the cute prints that are out there and I can’t choose. There came a point where I just had to stay away from Amazon because I would have spent way more money than just using disposables.

Cloth diapering hasn’t been all butterflies and roses, but it hasn’t been bad. I have been using cloth diapers for about two and a half months and it has been one of the best things I did in 2015.

Do you use cloth diapers? How was your cloth diapering experience?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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