Mixbook Photobook Review

I don’t know about you, but I have a TON of pictures of my daughter. With digital cameras and smartphones it is so easy to snap a photo of your kids when they are doing something cute, meaning before you know it you have hundreds of photos.

Before digital cameras you had to snap one picture and hope that you got the perfect shot, but you never knew until you had the film developed. Now, because of smartphones and digital cameras you have too many photos to have them all developed if you are like me.

I honestly took at least one photo a day for the first year of my daughter’s life. There was a time when I tried to have all the best photos printed off, but I had so many I was spending too much money and had way too many albums full of pictures, in just one year. Imagine what it would be like once I added another child or two?

That’s when I discovered photo books. They are a great way to organize your photos into scrapbook like books, without all the work of scrapbooking! No mess, no stickers, no cutting photos, and so on.

I have tried several different photobook companies, and while I don’t have any complaints about any of them, I have to say that Mixbook is now officially my favorite, for many reasons.

Mixbook Photobook Review

First off, they have so many options when it comes to what kind of book you want. There are a ton of different pre-made books that all you have to do is add your photos and you are good to go. They have books set up for birthdays, father’s day, weddings, vacations, baby books, and more.

The second reason I love Mixbook is that there are so many options for styles. They are available in square, landscape, and portrait formats and each of those is available in 3 different sizes. You can get the books with or without dust covers, you can get a classic book, a coffee table book, and even a layflat design. They have options for every price range so you can make a book to organize all your photos, honestly the prices are about the same as other photobook programs.

The next reason I love Mixbook is that it is so easy to customize your book. It’s as simple as uploading the photos you want to use and then dragging and dropping them into the designated picture spots. If you want to add a page or two you can do that as well. They have all the page designs that match the book for you to add, so no guessing which pages and designs go with the book. I have had other books that I have had to guess at which colors go with the book and when I get the book the pages don’t match. Even if you want to change around some of the stickers and labels throughout the pages it is really simple. You can make it look like a homemade scrapbook that you have spent days on without spending so much time. I have been married for almost 5 years and I have yet to finish my scrapbook from my wedding!

I have used photobook programs before where you can’t resize a photo or move it around because you are on a static page. Not with Mixbook, you can just click on the photo you want to move and resize it or drag it to where you want it. Easy as that. They even help you line things up by showing you when you are in the center of a page. You can even span a photo over 2 pages if you want, I have never found a photobook program that allows you to do that. It really is the easiest photobook editor I have ever used.

When customizing you can even edit the spine of the book. It’s great because just like a book you would get from the bookstore, you will know what photobook you are grabbing to look at if you have more than one.

Speaking of the editor, it is all web based, so you don’t have to download an application or program. It also has an automatic save feature so you won’t have to risk losing your progress if you lose internet access for any reason.

I loved that the book also arrived quickly. I ordered the book on Monday and I had it by Friday with the standard shipping. You can pay more to have it sooner, but I think 5 days is amazing timing!

I decided to go with the lay flat design for something a little different and I have to say that I am glad I did.

Mixbook Photobook Review

I love the layflat design and the quality of the book itself.

My daughter, who is 2, is obsessed with looking at pictures. She wants to look at them on my phone or my computer and I can’t always do that because I need my computer to work or I don’t want to risk her deleting a photo on my phone. The lay flat Mixbook photobook was a great option for this. With the lay flat design the pages are thicker, like a kids board book, but a little thinner. This is great for my daughter because she can look at the photos in the book and I don’t have to worry about her accidentally ripping a page.

Mixbook Photobook Review

My daughter is obsessed with photos, but with typical photobooks or photo albums she often rips the pages. With the Mixbook photobook the pages are thick enough that she can look at the book all day long and not rip the pages.

I loved the fact that even though I was using photos from my iPhone, they were not blurry at all. I have used programs before that don’t work well with lower quality photos such as those from your phone or Facebook, but with Mixbook I didn’t have any problem. There was only one photo that was a little blurry and it was one that I had tried to blow up too much, so it was my fault, not Mixbooks. (The blurry photos in my pictures were edited so my daughter’s face isn’t shown on here.)

Mixbook photobooks are a great way to organize your photos. They also make great gifts! Grandparents would love getting a photobook for Christmas, father’s would love to get on for Father’s day, or mother’s for Mother’s day, and so on. Mixbook doesn’t just offer photobooks though, they also offer cards, calendars, and photo prints.

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Have you ever made a photobook? Do you think you would ever try to make one with Mixbook?

*I was given a Mixbook and compensated for my honest review of the process and product. All opinions are my own and not biased in any way by the compensation. The links in this post are affiliate links. If you click one of the links and make a purchase I make a small commission. Because of these types of links I am able to continue to bring you great reviews and information that I think you will find valuable. I thank you in advance for your support!*

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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