June 2016 Weight Loss Update

So I know I am a little late on this update since we are into July, but with everything going on I didn’t think I would be able to write this post. I thought I would be moving when I normally would write and publish this post. Since that didn’t happen, I have written it and I am just going to publish it a little late.

Anyway, just like last month I don’t really have a great update. Again, with everything going on I haven’t been eating very healthy. I have been busy working on our basement in my spare time and packing up to move so a lot of our meals have been frozen or fast food because they are easy and quick.

The good thing is that in all this though I haven’t gained weight, but I haven’t lost weight either. I am still hovering around 200 pounds.

June 2016 Weight Loss Update

So, I know I have said this for a while now, but we should be moving soon (hopefully by the time this post is live) and I have a lot of plans for when things calm down.

As I mentioned, my treadmill has been out of commission because of the basement remodel. At the new house we are not sure if we will be able to get the treadmill into the basement. The plan is to leave it in the garage, and I am not sure if there is an outlet for me to use it or not.

Because of that I have a plan. With everything going on my husband and I have been being very stingy with spending money just to be safe because our finances are being looked at closely because of the mortgage application process. Because of that we didn’t get each other gifts for mother’s day or father’s day. My husband has been wanting a larger fish tank (we have a saltwater tank) and I told him that it would be easier to just start the new tank when we move. He has determined that his new fish tank will be his father’s day gift, so he said I could get myself something for mother’s day.

What I want costs nowhere near what his costs, so I cam going to get 2 things. One I will talk about later because it’s not really relevant here, but I am also going to get a Maxi Climber. I have heard a lot of good things about it and I want to give it a shot. (If you have one, please let me know what you think of it.)

I also have other plans that I think will make my weight loss journey a success.

One thing is that I am going to start eating healthier. Once we move we will not have the access to fast food so I will have no choice but to cook at home. This will make it much easier to eat healthier. I will have to share some of my recipes later on.

Another thing that I want to start doing is to reward myself for meeting certain goals. I have never really rewarded myself for meeting goals, and I am not sure why I haven’t, but I think having rewards in mind will keep me motivated to keep moving through.

Just some of the ideas I have for rewards:

  • For every 5 pounds I lose, I get to download another song for my workout playlist.
  • The new house has a garden tub, so for every 5 workouts I get one relaxing bath.
  • I also want to reward myself for every 10 pounds I lose, just for a little extra motivation:
    • For reaching 190 pounds – still thinking about this one
    • For reaching 180 pounds – I get to purchase a movie
    • For reaching 170 pounds – I get a new pair of jeans, because I will need them!
    • For reaching 160 pounds – A new workout outfit, because, again, I will need it!
    • For reaching 150 pounds – To commemorate 50 pounds lost I want to get a bracelet, I even have it picked out, I would just add the charm with a “50” on it.
    • For reaching 140 pounds – I would get a whole new outfit because none of my clothes will fit, so maybe even a whole new wardrobe!

I am sure that having these in the back of my mind will help me stay motivated to lose the weight. I don’t know that I will reach my goal by the end of the year because that is 10 pounds per month, which is a little too fast.

I know you should never say “I’ll start tomorrow” but I am going to say that. Once things slow down around here and I can get into a more stable routine I will really buckle down and start working out. Hopefully between now and then I can at least start eating healthier.

Do you reward yourself for reaching little milestones? What do you use as rewards? Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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