Have You Given Up On Your New Year’s Resolution Yet?

Did you know that 66% of people give up on their New Year’s Resolution within the first month of the year? That means that 66% of you have already given up on your resolutions. This doesn’t have to remain the case though, you can pick up where you left off and carry on your resolution for the rest of the year.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and 6 months for something to be a part of your personality, meaning if you can keep up with your resolution for 3 about 3 months, you should have developed a habit and you won’t have to think about it.

Have You Given Up On Your New Year's Resolution Already?

What to do when you have given up your New Year’s Resolution

Many times you have given up on your resolution without even realizing it. You just gradually slip back into your old habits and by the time February rolls around you realize that you are no longer working towards your goals as much and you figure what does it matter anyway. You can still salvage your goals for the year by following a few tips.

The first thing you have to do is determine which resolutions are most important. Many people will set to many resolutions, meaning that they get overwhelmed and burnt out quicker. You should chose the top 3 resolutions that you want to stick to.

When deciding your top 3 New Year’s Resolutions, try to think about why each one is important to you. Knowing why they are important will help you stick to them. For example, if you want to lose weight, think about it as getting healthy for your kids and their future. Then, it’s not just “losing weight”, it’s being there and being healthy for your kids and to be their in the future for them.

You have to make a plan to achieve your goals. The plan should follow the S.M.A.R.T. criteria for setting goals. This means that the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and have a timeframe.

For example, my New Year’s Resolution for the past couple of years has been to lose weight, but that is it. When I follow the S.M.A.R.T. plan, I say I want to lose 60 pounds this year, or 5 pounds per month by eating healthier and moving more. To fit that into the S.M.A.R.T. plan:

  • S (Specific) – (Answer the 5 “W”s: what, why, who, where, and which) I want to lose 60 pounds by eating healthier and moving more.
  • M (Measurable) –  60 pounds
  • A (Achievable) – I have broke it down into 5 pound increments every month. I think this is achievable.
  • R (Relevant) – (Is it worth my time, what’s the point?) I am overweight, though not obese, but if I keep up with my pattern, I will be obese. I want to lose weight for my health and for my family so I can be there for them.
  • T (Timeframe) – (What can I do in a year, 6 months, 6 weeks?) I have broken my goal into increments of 5 pounds every month, this gives me a timeframe to work with that seems more within reach.

Telling others about your goals can help you reach them. If you want to lose weight tell your friends and they can workout with you. If you want to save money, tell your friends and family so they won’t be begging you to go out every night. Having a cheer squad can help you feel good about your achievements.

Reward yourself for meeting little goals. For example, you can reward yourself for every 10 pounds you lose or every $100 you save. It doesn’t have to be much either, just an hour to yourself to take a hot bath, new workout gear, or whatever will motivate you the most!

Lastly, if you start to see that you are veering off track, don’t be too hard on yourself. Get back on track and do better next time. You may have to adjust your goals a little bit more, but you can do it.

Remember it takes a while for anything to become a habit. Be patient and keep working towards your goals.

Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolution yet? If so do you plan to get back at it?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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