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FitBit Charge HR Review

I love sharing products with you that I enjoy and that I think you can benefit from. This was the case when I reviewed the Erin Condren Planner. I wasn’t compensated for that review, I just wanted to share a great product with you. Today, that is still the case as I tell you about my FitBit Charge HR.

First, I want to start by saying that I have had a FitBit for almost a year and a half now. I started with a FitBit Flex. I loved my FitBit Flex, but I wanted something that tracked a little more. The Flex only tracked my steps and sleep, so after a year with the Flex I decided to upgrade.

After reviewing all the different options that FitBit offers, I decided that the FitBit Charge HR would be the best fit for me.

I have talked about my goal to lose weight before and I know that my FitBit HR will help with that. I can keep track of my steps and my heart rate during activity. I am also able to track so much more with the FitBit app or on the FitBit Dashboard on my computer.

FitBit Charge HR Review

The app is nice because it lists everything out.

Let’s start with the first reason most people get a FitBit, to track steps. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 10,000 steps in per day. You may think this seems easy, and for some people who are active all day long, maybe it is. Just to give you an idea though, in a 12 hour shift as a nurse on a busy pediatric floor, I just reach 10,000 steps by the end of my shift. This isn’t always the case, but for the most part I come about 500 to 1,000 steps shy.

What’s great about the FitBit is you can adjust your goals. If you are not a very active person you may want to start with a lower step goal if you want. Then, as you consistently reach your step goal, you can bump up your goal to reach 10,000 steps, or more!

The next thing that is tracked is how many miles you have walked. This is great because it puts a different number on how far you are going. For example, you think that 10,000 steps would be easy, but what if I told you that 10,000 steps is almost 5 miles? It’s nice to have another way to look at how much you are moving.

After miles, your calories burned is tracked. If you plug in your weight the app even calculates your basal calories burned, meaning the calories you burn just sitting still. It’s nice because you see that you do burn calories even when you are not exercising, but it also helps you determine the maximum amount of calories you should eat to lose weight. Remember, if you want to lose weight you have to have a calorie deficit.

Tracking exercise is another great feature. You can manually add your exercise into the app so you can get credit for exercise that your FitBit may not be able to track. In the app this is just an area for you to input your information and the app takes that information and adds it to your calories burned.

Many people get a FitBit because they think it will help them lose weight, and they are right if they use it correctly. That’s why being able to track your weight is great with the FitBit app. You can set a weight loss goal and see your progress right there in the app.

How many minutes have you been active today? Many people don’t know exactly, but they can give you a round about idea. With the FitBit Charge HR it automatically tracks your active minutes so you know exactly how many minutes you have been active. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes a day and at least 150 minutes a weeks of activity. Where do you stack up?

How many people have you seen that want to lose weight and they are tracking their food in an app? The FitBit app lets you track your food eaten. What’s great is it even tracks how many calories you can eat throughout the day to help you reach your goals.

How did you sleep last night? You may think that you slept good, but if you track your sleep with your FitBit Charge HR, it will tell you just how well you slept. It can track restless periods and awake periods so you can see just how often you wake throughout the night.

Did you know that water is vital to weight loss? You need to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses just to stay hydrated, more if you are working out, overweight, or it is hot out. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time keeping track of just how much water I am drinking. Being able to track my water intake with the FitBit app helps me ensure that I am drinking plenty of water.

One of the reasons I decided to go with the FitBit Charge HR is it’s ability to track my heart rate. This is nice because it gives you a baseline and from that can calculate when you are in the cardiac health zone or fat loss zone. It’s nice to know because the idea of cardio exercise is to get your heart rate up to help with cardiac health.

How often are you moving? This is another thing that the FitBit can help you to monitor. With the FitBit Charge HR you can set a goal of having hours with at least 250 steps. For example, I have picked 12 hours between 6 AM and 6 PM to try to reach at least 250 steps an hour. This won’t get me to my goal of 10,000 steps, but it will help me move and stretch my legs every hour. This is important because I work from home, meaning I spend a lot of time sitting, and it’s not good for your health to sit for long periods of time.

The last thing that the FitBit Charge HR tracks is how many floors you climb. Currently I don’t climb steps very often, but in our new house I will have to climb steps more frequently. It’s nice to know because climbing steps is great for your health, even if it’s just one floor at a time.

The FitBit tracks all this, and just for some extra motivation, you can even add your friends and challenge each other. You can even earn badges for different things, and you never know when you will get one. For example, you reach a badge when you reach 500 lifetime miles. That’s a lot of miles walked!

Now, you may be asking, why did she tell me all about the app and not much about the FitBit Charge HR itself? Well, the app only works if you have a FitBit. As for the FitBit Charge HR, I did my research and found that it was the best for what I wanted to track. There are FitBits that track more and less than the one I have.

For example, my FitBit Flex didn’t track floors climbed, hours with 250+ steps, or heart rate. I urge you to do your research and find out which FitBit will work for you, but I urge you to head to Amazon to purchase it because they are usually cheaper on Amazon than on the FitBit site, but there are a few colors that are not available on Amazon.

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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