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E is for EON Collection from Maevn

Make sure to read through the review and enter at the bottom for your chance to win a set of scrub from the EON Collection by Maevn. 

I love scrubs. As a nurse, I feel lucky because when I find a great pair of scrubs that I like, I feel like I am getting to go to work in my pajamas. What a great way to spend 12 hours working!

The issue comes when you buy a new pair of scrubs from a brand or in a style you have never tried before. Sometimes you end up with a pair of scrubs that you hate because they don’t fit right or they are too hot. Let’s face it, when you are running around for 12 hours trying to take care of your patients you can get a little hot and sweaty.

I usually stick to the same brand of scrubs for this reason, because I know how they fit and that they are comfortable. When Gillian contacted me about review the new line of scrubs from Maevn, the EON collection, I was a little worried about how they would fit. I worried if they would fit right, if I would be comfortable in them and how hot they would be. When I received them, I tried them all on and my initial impressions were good. After washing them and working in them though, I don’t know that I will ever buy a different brand!

First, a little about the company:

Maevn Uniforms is a leading supplier of medical uniforms, including scrub separates, jackets and lab coats. The Texas-based brand offers men and women in the medical field high-quality, fashionable apparel at competitive prices. Maevn’s collection is available nationwide at 500 specialty stores that carry medical scrubs and accessories. For more information, and to find a retailer near you, please visit:

Now, a little about the EON collection:

Maevn’s EON Collection is the first and only scrub separates and jacket line to be made with a blend of CoolMax Everyday Fabric. CoolMax Everyday Fabric is designed to keep professionals cool and dry for everyday comfort and performance. Fabric benefits include easy-care, good air permeability, moisture management and wicking performance, fabric stability, and excellent washfast and colorfast performance.

As listed on the tags, there are some key attributes to the EON collection. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, giving you the freedom to move. The fabric is also moisture wicking which helps keep your body cool and dry. The fabric is also easy to clean with no need to iron, my favorite part because I hate ironing and I am horrible about hanging my scrubs up. The last of the 4 key attributes lists is that the fabric is quick drying.

There are two different lines in the EON collection, the EON and the EON Active. Maevn was nice enough to send me one set of each, plus the jacket! I will review them here in the same order they are listed on the Maevn site.

EON Active Sport Mesh Panel Top

EON Active by Maevn

Me in my EON Active Top. Notice in this one I am not as happy, I swear it has nothing to do with the top and everything to do with the end of the second 12 hour shift of the weekend! I am tired and ready for bed. (Also ignore the mess in the background, we are finishing our basement.)

Before even putting this one on I loved the fabric. It is soft and smooth, almost like silk, but not as delicate. This top has mesh panels along the side and a small mesh panel in the middle of the back from the collar down about 5-6 inches. On the right hand side where the mesh is, there is a small zipper pocket that would be great for keys or a credit card. There are also two curved front pockets.

Now, the mesh is slightly see through. I understand the idea for the mesh, but I personally wouldn’t want to wear the top without a tank top underneath, which isn’t a big deal because I usually do anyway. As for the pockets, I am not entirely sold on them, yet. When I initially tried the top on, I didn’t think I would like the pockets at all. I have had scrub tops with curved pockets before and I usually lost everything in the pocket, and I carry a lot of valuable things in there (OK, not really valuable, but for a nurse, pens, alcohol preps, tape, and anything else in your pocket is valuable). After actually wearing the top though, the pockets are very deep, and although I didn’t put much in them, I didn’t lose anything. We will have to see the next time I wear it how things go!

EON Active Sporty Mesh Panel Pant

EON by Maevn

EON Active Sporty Mesh Pants. Image credit Maevn because I didn’t have a way to get a good picture of my pants.

These pants are made out of the same material as the top, so I loved the feel of these pants as well. There is a small mesh panel on the outer sides of the pants. This mesh must be doubled or a different kind of mesh because it is not see through and I don’t feel that you would need to wear anything underneath your pants! These pants have a full elastic waistband with a drawstring. I usually don’t care for full elastic waistband, but I didn’t mind these, maybe my tastes are changing as I get older? These pants are also straight leg, which I don’t mind too much. As for the size, I usually by a large and these were slightly tight. You may want to purchase a larger size, but as for me, I will use this as motivation to lose weight! I also usually have to buy long pants because I am so tall, but with these I didn’t have to, they are long enough.

Now for the pockets. (Don’t you love how the pockets get their own paragraph? If you are not a nurse, pockets are very important for nurses, and if you are a nurse, you know just how important pockets are!) Anyway, there are 2 slant pockets in the front with a smaller pocket in the right front pocket. There are also 2 back pockets with zippers, which is awesome because I can fit my small Thirty-One wallet in my back pocket and use the zipper to make sure it doesn’t fall out!

EON Active Sporty Mesh Panel Jacket

EON by Maevn

Me in my EON Active Jacket (and EON V-Neck Top), staying nice and warm, but not too warm!

Again, loving just how soft the material is for this one. Just like the top, the jacket has the side mesh panels. These are very see through, but that is not a problem because you will have something on underneath the jacket. I really love this jacket and I think it is my new favorite jacket. I was able to stay warm, but not too warm. I am usually taking my jacket off and putting it back on several times a day, but with the EON tops and jacket, I just left my jacket on all day, no problem! I stayed warm, and any time I started to get too warm, the cool fabric of the jacket cooled me down while wicking moisture away. I have went through a lot of jackets in my time as a nurse and I have been trying to find one that zips up like this one, most of the time they just button up. I have to say that I love the fact that this one zips!

This jacket has several pockets as well. There are 2 small pockets where the mesh panels are, one on the left that doesn’t zip, and one on the right that does zip. There are also 2 curved front pockets, similar to the EON Active top. As I said with the top, the more I use the pockets the more I like them because they are deeper than other side pockets like this I have had before.

EON V-Neck Pocket Top

EON by Maevn

Me in my EON V-Neck Top, note I still have a smile on my face, meaning this was taken before work! (Sorry it’s a little blurry.)

This top is like your traditional scrub top design, but it is made of a lighter and cooler fabric. Again, it is very soft and cool. There are no mesh panels in this one, so if you prefer not to have the mesh panels you can while still benefiting from the cooling benefits of the EON collection.

This top has a ton of pockets and if you like pockets as much as I do you will never want another scrub top! There is a small pocket about waist high that could easily fit a small key or credit card, though it doesn’t zip. There is also a triangle ring that would be a great place to hang your badge. There are two traditional patch pockets on each side. On the right on the inside there is a small pocket. There is also a loop in the pocket which provides a great place to put your pens so they are easy to find in your pocket full of stuff!

EON Full Elastic Cargo Pant

EON by Maevn

EON Full Elastic Pants. Image credit Maevn because I didn’t have a way to get a good picture of my pants.

Again, I am in love with the fabric! I can’t get over how soft it is. These pants are also a full elastic waistband with a drawstring. They are also straight leg, but they have a slits (side vents). There is a triangle ring on the left hand side, just below the elastic that would be great for a badge if needed and if your hospital or employer policy allows. For me, I have to have my badge visible above my waist. As with the other pair of pants, these are a little smaller than I anticipated. I would suggest increasing the size, or, if you are like me, take it as incentive to lose weight. Again though, I didn’t need to get the long pants with these.

These pants have a lot of pockets as well. There are 2 slit pockets, one on each side which are very deep. On the right hand side there is a small cell phone sized pocket on the inside of the larger pocket and a small zipper pocket on the outside. There is also a pocket on the right thigh.

Wow! I got through all of them with a little help from my notes! Anyway, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this company before and I don’t think I will be buying any other brand. I am very pleased with the EON collection from Maevn. For one, they are cool and great for someone like me who is always hot! Maevn also understands how important pockets are for nurses and with their scrubs you will never run out of pockets!

The EON Active collection comes in 6 different colors, the jacket comes in 4 different colors, and the regular EON collection comes in 12 different colors so you are sure to find one that you like and that fits into your dress code policy. To see what colors are available, visit the Maevn website.

To find a store near you that sells the EON collection for Maevn, you can visit their website, or you can purchase online on Amazon or any online store listed on their website.

Have you ever tried the Maevn brand before? Are you excited to try the EON collection? Which style is your favorite?

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a top and bottom set of your choice.

**I received all the scrubs reviewed for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are completely unbiased.**

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