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Blogging Tips Series: Pages You Need to Have

Blogging Tips Series Pages You Need to Have

Today on the blogging tip series I am talking to you about the pages you need to have on your blog. Some of these are a no brainer and every blog should have, while others with depend on your plans with your blog.

Home page

You would think this is a no brainer, but I have been to so many blogs that do not have a home button. This is the easiest way for your readers to get back to the homepage of your blog.

About page

You need to have an about page. It can be about you, about your blog, or both. You can even split it up into 2 pages, one about you and one about your blog. You need to label it appropriately because this is where most people go when they first come to your blog. They want to know a little about you and your blog so they know if it is worth coming back to or not.

Contact page/form.

You do not need to have a whole page for a contact form, but you need to let your readers know how to contact you. You never know what opportunities you will be missing out on if they cannot contact you. Again, I have been to so many blogs that I love and I want to tell the owner of the blog what I think, or even offer to guest post for them, but I can’t because I can’t contact them.

Hire me or advertising.

If you are planning on allowing advertising on your blog or you are offering a service to your readers you need a page to outline what all you are offering and your prices. This is also a good place to put contact info or link to your contact page. Again, I have been to blogs that offer a service, then I can’t order the service because I can’t contact them. If you wonder why you are not making sales, check your contact information.

Guest posting guidelines.

If you are planning on accepting guest posts, you should outline your guidelines on your blog as well. This will not stop people from emailing you bogus posts, but you will also be able to get more legitimate posts as well.

A list of your guest posts.

This is another optional one, but I think it is important to show your readers all the posts you have written, even the ones that are not on your blog. This will not only help you, but make other sites more likely to let you post on their blog because they know you will share your post with your readers.

There are several other pages you can include on your blog, such as a page for each category and more. These are the ones I think are most important to have on your blog.

What pages do you think are most important? Did I miss any?

Make sure you check out the introduction to the series so you can see what all I have covered.

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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