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Blogging Tips Series: Must Have WordPress Plugins

blogging tips series must have wordpress plugins

blogging tips series must have wordpress plugins

If you are a blog owner, you know there are plugins out there that are meant to make blogging easier. I have found some of the good ones out there and I thought I would share with you some of the plugins I couldn’t live without.

  • Login Lockdown – this awesome plugin helps keep your blog safe by limiting the number of times someone can attempt to log in from one IP address in a set amount of time. this is just one of a number of ways you can keep your blog safe, which we will discuss later.
  • Akismet – Last week we talked about spam comments. This amazing plugin sifts through all your comments and attempts to find all the spam comments. This works great, but still occasionally misses spam comments and may mark a good comment as a spam comment. I suggest skimming through once a week or so just to double check.
  • Shareaholic – This plugin makes it easy for your readers to share your content. This is one of the most popular sharing plugins, but there are others. You can also use this plugin to make money by allowing related content at the bottom of posts. I personally don’t do this because the posts look spammy and I want my readers to trust me, but it’s just an option.
  • Better click to tweet – I use this one occasionally when I have written something I think others would like to Tweet. This plugin embeds a sentence into your post so your readers can easily tweet it. Like so:

This plugin embeds a sentence into your post so your readers can easily tweet it. Click To Tweet

I have found a great thing with one of the other plugins I will discuss (Sumome) that allows readers to highlight what they want to tweet, so I like this better.

  • Bottom of every post – This plugin makes it easy to add a signature or anything else to the bottom of every post, hence the name. More on this great plugin later!
  • Collapsing Archives – This makes it easy to show all your posts in one place, while not listing them all out at once. You can group them by year and month, and you can have the current year expanded, the current month expanded, and so much more. If you want to see what it looks like, scroll to the very bottom of this page, it’s in the middle.
  • CommentLuv – If you have ever commented on my blog, you know that I have CommentLuv enabled. I love this because I can discover new posts by bloggers who are commenting on my blog, along with allowing my readers to find new bloggers to follow.
  • Facebook widget – Duh, you have to have a place for your readers to like your facebook page. Again, if you want to see it in action, scroll to the bottom of the page, this one is on the left.
  • Google Analytics – Google analytics keeps track of pageviews and bounce rate, two of the many stats you should be watching to know how your blog is performing.
  • Google XML Sitemap – Having a sitemap and submitting it to Google makes it easier for the spiders to crawl through your site and index it easier.
  • Jet Pack – Jet pack helps you keep track of some stats and helps you get discovered by bloggers.
  • OptinMonster – I started with OptinMonster for my email list, and I loved it, but I changed to another program. This is still a great program for getting email signups. You can have a pop up or a sidebar widget for this one.
  • Sumome – This is what I use now for my email signups. See that floating bar at the bottom of the screen? That’s powered by Sumome. I like Sumome because they do so much more! I also have a popup that shows up if you scroll through so much of the page. But other than just email signups, they do hot maps and track how much of your page is being viewed. It gives you great insight into what works and what doesn’t and where to put different things. This is also the plugin that has a highlighter, which allows the reader to highlight the section they want to tweet and post it to twitter. This way they can choose what they like and what they want to tweet.
  • Sexy Author Bio – This puts an author bio after every post, and you can even put on in the sidebar if you want. I think this one looks the best of most of them, and is the best one I found for the sidebar bio.
  • Skimlinks – Once you are ready to make money with your blog skimlinks can turn almost any link into an affiliate link. You still have to sign up with the site, but the plugin takes the hassle out of making money with your blog.
  • Twitterlink Comments – This allows your commenters to add their twitter handle to their comment. Do I really have to say more?
  • Ultimate nofollow – If you are going to have guest posts or sponsored posts, you need to have this. This allows you to make links nofollow which is important in following Google’s guidelines with links.
  • Yoast SEO – We all know that SEO is important to get discovered. I personally don’t write for SEO, I write for all of you who are reading my posts, but when I am finished with a post, Yoast helps me to find what keywords I did use and which ones are best for me to use as a target keyword.

These are all plugins that I personally use. I hope you can use some of these wordpress plugins for your own blog and benefit from them.

What wordpress plugins do you use that you consider must have for your blog? Let me know and I may update this in the future to include your suggestions!

To know what else I have talked about in the blogging tips series, check out the introduction!

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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