Blogging Tips Series: Blog Stats to Watch

As we have covered many times in my blogging tips series, blogging can be difficult and there are a lot of things you need to know about blogging. Did you know that there are statistics you need to watch as well though?

Yes, if you want to grow your blog and gain readers and followers it is important to watch different statistics to see when you are getting traffic and where you are getting traffic from. Also, if you want to make money from your blog, advertisers are going to want to know some of these numbers.

Blogging Tips Series Blog Stats to Watch

  • Alexa rank.  Alexa rank shows your sites rank compared to other sites. A lower Alexa rank is better than a higher Alexa rank. As you get more traffic your rank will go down. Just as a benchmark, sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are ranked 1, 2, and 9 respectively.
  • Domain Authority. Domain authority ranks your site on a scale of 1-100. With domain authority you want a higher number. Higher number sites tend to rank higher on search engine results. Just as a benchmark, Google, Facebook, and Twitter all have a domain authority of 100.
  • Bounce rate. Knowing your bounce rate is important because it helps you know what your readers are doing once they are on your site. Bounce rate measures how many people visit more than one page on your site. A bounce rate of 100% means that 100% of people who come to your blog leave without viewing another page. You want this to be under 50% if possible.
  • Monthly page views. This is how many times any page on your blog is viewed, or loaded in a month. This included any visitor to your blog, either new or a repeat visitor.
  • Visitors. This is how many individual visitors come to your blog in a month. If one person visits 3 pages on your site, it will count as 3 page views, but only one visitor.
  • Unique visitors. This is how many unique visitors your site has in one month. If someone comes to your blog on Monday for the first time, they are a unique visitor, but if they return on Wednesday, they are a visitor. Visitors can be counted multiple time, while unique visitors are new visitors to your site.
  • Page views per visit. This tells you, on average, how many pages your visitors are viewing each time they visit. For example, if your page views per visit is 3.3, that means that on average your visitors are viewing 3.3 pages each time they visit. This is in one visit, so if they view one page, close their browser, then open another page, this counts as 1 page view and 2 visits. You want a higher number for this one.
  • Minutes per visit. This tells you how long each visitor is on your blog. It is straightforward, and again, this is an average. You want this number to be higher as well.

These are just a few of the different things you need to know about when blogging. You can get all this information by going to or

Now you know what you need to watch, but how do you improve those statistics to get the most out of your blog? Well, you will have to come back next Friday to find out!

What other statistics do you watch? Are there any important ones that you think I missed?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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