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Best Apps for Parents

We live in a digital world where we are all connected in one way or another to our smartphones or tablets. Sometimes they make our lives a little easier while other times they just waste our time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have apps that you know will help you manage your time and maybe even educate your child? There are a ton of apps out there and sometimes it can be hard to sift through what is good and what is bad, so I have done it for you and decided to share some apps that I use all the time!

Best Apps for Parents

  • BabyBump Pregnancy – So this one is for before the baby is born, but it helps you keep track of your pregnancy and tell you all about your pregnancy and your growing baby.
  • SmartMom – I have written a couple of guest posts for this website, but they also have an app. In the app you can ask other moms for questions and advice and you can even answer other moms questions. It is a great resource and I really enjoy the community they have developed.
  • The Wonder Weeks – This app is based off the book, The Wonder Weeks and is great to help you be prepared for extra fussy times. The Wonder Weeks is based off a lot of research and shows you what your child is learning as different times in their first year. When they are going through these leaps in learning they may be increasingly fussy and this app helps you be prepared for it so you don’t schedule pictures for that week!
  • Fisher Price – So this is a broad category as Fisher Price has several apps out there but they are all great! Currently the ones that we use regularly are Monkey and the soothing one. Monkey teaches colors, shapes, ABCs, and 123s. The soothing one is great for bedtime or nap time as it plays soothing sounds. We use this one a lot when we are traveling and sleeping in strange places.
  • Balloon Pop – This is one that we recently discovered. It is just a simple game where you pop the balloons by tapping on them. You can play the normal level or the 123 or ABC levels where it tells you the letter or number that you tap on. This is great for helping develop hand eye coordination because they have to tap the right place on the screen, not just anywhere.
  • WebMD – Parents have questions about their child’s health a lot of the time and they will turn to “Dr. Google”, but they may not find a reliable resource to answer their questions. WebMD is a great resource that even doctors and nurses trust, so you know you can trust it to answer your questions when you don’t have a doctor around.
  • Notepad – This one comes already installed on your phone, but it is still a great app for parents! You always come up with questions that are not urgent or that you can’t find an answer to, then you go to the doctor and forget all about the question. Notepad is a great place to keep track of your questions so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.
  • Baby Tracker – I don’t know about you but the first month of my daughter’s life is a complete blur! I couldn’t tell you what time of day it was or even what day it was, let alone when it was time for her to eat or when the last time she pooped was, yet every time we went to the doctor’s office, they asked. Baby Tracker was a simple app that let me put in all this information and keep track of her diapers and her eating habits to help develop a routine. Great for sleep deprived parents!
  • Pull-Ups Time to Potty – Potty training can be hard, but with positive reinforcement it is easier. With this app your child is entertained while they sit on the potty chair, because we all know it is hard to keep them sitting still while we wait for them to go. They earn stars for going potty and the more stars they have the more games are unlocked. There are even sing-alongs and phone calls from their favorite Disney characters. It is customized based on your child’s progress.
  • Shutterfly – You have to get this one and enable notifications! I use Shutterfly for all my photo printing needs. Once I had my daughter I found that I had a ton of pictures of her. I thought I would sign up for Shutterfly to get the 50 free 4×6 prints they offer for signing up. Little did I know that I wouldn’t pay for another 4×6 print, ever! Several times a year I get a notification on my phone for 101 free 4×6 prints, all I pay is shipping, which is about $5. They also offer other free things throughout the year. How cool is that?
  • A couple of other apps that I use a lot are ZapZap Math and Ibotta, which you can read my reviews on if you want.

(These apps are all available for the iPhone, availability on other platforms is not known.)

You have so much technology at your fingertips, so there is no reason you shouldn’t use it to your advantage to get you free stuff, teach your kids, or save you time.

What apps can you not live without?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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