Being an Allergy Mom

If you have ever dealt with an allergy mom you know that we can sometimes be a pain in the butt! It usually consists of a lot of “she can’t have that”, “can I read the package”, or “I brought our own snacks”.

It can make you as a host feel inadequate, and I try not to do that when I am going out or visiting with family, but at the same time I don’t want them to have to change their plans just for us.

Let me just tell you a couple of stories about why I have started to change the way I do things.

Being an Allergy Mom

The first time I knew I needed to be a little more strict was when we went out to eat for breakfast one morning. I am not going to tell you where, but when I ordered my daughter’s meal, I ordered a banana and dry toast. When the meal came out, the toast had butter on it, a dairy product. The waitress set down the plate in front of my daughter and she grabbed to toast before I had a chance to look at it, meaning she had an allergic reaction that we had to deal with for the next week.

The second time, we again went out to eat, and I ordered a plain hamburger. It came out with cheese on it and I sent it back, politely. When it came back out, 1 minute later, I knew they didn’t make a new one like they said they would, so I turned the burger over and sure enough there was some cheese still on the burger. In the end the manager and the waitress took care of it, but had I not inspected the food closely, we would have had issues.

After this, I determined that I am now one of those allergy moms who brings her daughter’s soy milk with her and offers to let others make their food with it so my daughter can still eat what we are eating.

I now know what the other moms go through. There are allergens in almost all the foods, it just depends on what you are allergic to. These allergens also pop up in places that you never would have thought of as well.

I have learned that there is no shame in taking your own snacks to play dates or family functions. It doesn’t matter if it is life or death, even if it is just a few days of diarrhea and itchy skin, you do what you have to do.

Being an allergy mom can be rough, but if you are nice about your requests, there is no reason anyone one should be mad or upset. Afterall, I am sure you would rather your child not have an allergy. Just be respectful when making requests and make simple requests. You can just ask for alternative foods, or ask them to just avoid foods that contain the allergen.

How did you feel when you became an allergy mom and how do you deal with your child’s allergies?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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