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The Art of Blissful Parenting Review

When I was contacted by Lynette from Firetalker PR about reviewing “The Art of Blissful Parenting” I was a little skeptical about it, but I thought what could it hurt to check it out and see what the book was all about.

The Art of Blissful Parenting Review

Once I got the book and started reading it, I was amazed! 

It is by Sharon Ballantine, a parenting and life coach and the book shows us how to use our Internal Guidance System to parent our children and how to encourage our children to use their own Internal Guidance System.

Many people just call it following their gut, but there is a way to make sure that what choices you are making are the best choices for you and it includes making sure you are in alignment and happy before making a choice.

I won’t get into it too much here because the book does an amazing job of explaining it and I would just botch it I am sure.

When I was first contacted about reviewing the book I thought this would just be another parenting book telling me all the things I was doing wrong and how I was a horrible parent because of this that and the other.

This was not the case.

Sharon was able to explain everything so well and she even gave examples from her own life. She even breaks it down into different stages of your child’s life to help you help them through rough patches, from school to the teenage years and more.

This isn’t the typical parenting book that I have seen and read. The thing about it is that this book isn’t just for parenting. You can apply many of these tactics to your everyday life when dealing with kids, work, employees, your parents, and more. Using your Internal Guidance System is something that can come as second nature with just a little practice.

Not only will it help you help your children make the best choices for them, but it will help you have a great relationship with your child and find the balance between being a parent and being a friend.

Reading the book is almost like talking to a friend. Her writing style is easy to read. She doesn’t feel the need to fill the book with a bunch of huge words and unnecessary sentences.

Do I plan to use this system in my own parenting?

In short, yes, but to give you the long story, I believe that I already have been without realizing it. I have always been the person who follows her gut, or her heart, whatever you say, when it comes to making choices. I have never cared what others think and I decide what is best for me. Because of that I believe that I can use my own Internal Guidance System when raising my children without a problem. Not saying that parenting won’t be hard, but because I always followed my own heart, I think I will have an easier time encouraging my children to do the same.

About the author.

Sharon has always felt that one of her missions in life was to be the best parent she could possibly be. She has raised three children and her greatest joy is being with them.  She is a parenting coach, life coach and founder of The Ballantine Parenting Institute—her online course for parents. She has recently completed her first book, The Art of Blissful Parenting – Teaching Your Children How To Follow Their Internal Guidance (Balboa Press, January 2016, available now through Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and soon to independent bookstores) in which she guides parents on the practical and spiritual aspects of raising happy, self-reliant kids.  Her core message is that by following our own Internal Guidance System and teaching our children to follow theirs, parents have more freedom and ease in their relationship with their children.

Other passions that propel her forward are traveling the world, experiencing other cultures, studying nutrition, reading and writing non-fiction. Sharon studied Marketing at the University of Washington until life took her in a different direction. In 2007 she became a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach at the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. In 2011 she graduated from The Four Winds Society Light Body School of Energy Medicine, founded by Alberto Villoldo, PhD.  Sharon currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Jay.

I urge you to check out the book so you can help your child make choices on his or her own, because you won’t be around forever and they have to learn sometime. What better time to learn than now?

Will you check out the book? Do you know about your Internal Guidance System?

Check out “The Art of Blissful Parenting” on Amazon, it is available in hardcover, paperback, and on the kindle!

**I was given a copy of the book and compensation for free for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and were not biased in any way because of this.**

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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