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5 Strengths and Weaknesses I Have

We all have strengths and weaknesses, but do you know your top 5 strengths and weakness? I never really thought about it until the Thirty Things About Me Challenge, which has prompted me to think about so many things that I have never thought about before.

My strengths and weaknesses are just one of the things I have had to look at during this challenge. What are my greatest strengths? More importantly, what are my greatest weaknesses? Why are these my strengths and weaknesses?

After a lot of thinking here is what I came up with.

5 Strengths and Weaknesses I Have


While we often don’t like to think about our weaknesses, I think it is important so that we can make sure that our weaknesses don’t overtake our lives.

  1. Caring too much. One of my biggest weaknesses is caring too much. I am a nurse, and I didn’t go into nursing for the money, why else would I cut back on my hours? If I was in it for the money I would still be working full time to get the money. I care way too much and every time the hospital calls for help I want to go in, but I often can’t because I don’t have a sitter. Many times, after working a weekend, I worry about the patients I had and wonder how they are doing, so much so that I will check up on them the next time I talk to the doctor. I will even stay up at night thinking about them, especially if they are really sick. I have even been known to text in about them when I get home after a 12 hour shift. This is a huge weakness for me because if takes over the rest of my evening sometimes.
  2. I worry too much. I know that I shouldn’t worry about things, but I can’t help it. For example, currently my husband and I are trying to buy our dream house, and while my husband doesn’t think we will have a problem getting approved for the mortgage, I worry about it. I don’t want to get my hopes up only to be denied, so instead, I think about it constantly. So much so that I lose sleep over it, and that’s not good for my health.
  3. Chocolate and other sweets. I have a sweet tooth, so anything sweet is a weakness for me. I mean honestly, I can easily eat a container of icing, no cake needed. Obviously this isn’t good for my health.
  4. I speak my mind. Some may not see this as a weakness, but for someone like me, it is a weakness. I am not afraid to tell you what I think about something and when I am working I have to watch what I say or I can get into trouble.
  5. I am what most would call unorganized. It drives my husband crazy, but I know exactly where everything is in my house, even if others don’t think it is organized. After some time I will decide to organize things and when I do, I go all out and then I can’t find anything!


  1. I like to think I am a great mom and wife. I think one of my greatest strengths is that I am a great wife and mom to my husband and daughter.
  2. I am a great nurse. I have been told many times that I am an amazing nurse, so I think this is another strength I have. I think being a great nurse has helped me be a great mom and vice versa.
  3. I am persistent. Maybe this is also a weakness? When I have my mind set to something, I don’t give up until I get my way. I am bullheaded and I don’t think this will ever change, so I hope my daughter doesn’t get my persistance!
  4. I am self-motivated. I couldn’t work from home if I wasn’t self-motivated, though I am not very self-motivated when it comes to getting up in the morning! I have to say though, being self-motivated makes it incredibly easy to work from home.
  5. I am patient. I guess you have to be very patient to work full time from home and run a blog with a 2 year old in the house. Not to mention all the other things I tend to take on with the little to no spare time I have!

I am sure I can come up with many more strengths and weaknesses if I want, but I think 5 of each is a great place to start.

How about you? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Thanks for reading, Cassie

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