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    Fibroid Tumor: Not a Death Sentence

    A few months ago my mom was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor, and while I wasn’t too worried, my family heard the word tumor and you know what their minds went to, cancer. That’s when I realized that many people don’t understand that a tumor doesn’t have to mean cancer, a tumor is just a […] More

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    Things Successful Bloggers Do Differently (Part 2)

    (This is part 2 of the things successful bloggers do differently, you can check out part one here.) In part one I talked about some of the more well known habits of successful bloggers. This post is the second installment and these are some habits that many newer bloggers don’t think about. Personally I never […] More

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    June 2016 Weight Loss Update

    So I know I am a little late on this update since we are into July, but with everything going on I didn’t think I would be able to write this post. I thought I would be moving when I normally would write and publish this post. Since that didn’t happen, I have written it […] More

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    What Should I Do Before Pregnancy?

    We all know that there are things you should do during your pregnancy. We know there are foods we should avoid, we should exercise, and take our vitamins; but did you know there are things you should do before you get pregnant to help you have a healthy pregnancy? That’s right, there are things you should […] More

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    June Goals Progress Update and July Goals

    I have said before how I really am glad that I share my goal progress updates every month. It keeps me accountable and I really enjoy it. It is interesting to go back every month and see how much progress I have made. It will be really interesting to go back at the end of […] More

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    Top Posts in June 2016

    I really enjoy looking at my analytics and seeing which posts are my most popular month to month. It’s interesting to see the trends and which posts are popular when and which posts are gaining traction. I have noticed over the past couple of months of doing this though that the most popular posts are […] More