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20 Random Facts About Me

I am really enjoying the Thirty Things About Me challenge. I also love reading posts similar to this one that lists 20 random facts about the author. I think it is an interesting way to get to know fellow bloggers!

20 Random Facts About Me

So, 20 random facts about me!

  1. Elephants are my favorite animal.
  2. I have known what I wanted to do with my life since I was 5 years old.
  3. I would love to have a lot of kids, but I want at least 3 if God will bless me with them.
  4. I have always wanted to build a house or at least have a big house with an open floor plan so I can host our huge family!
  5. My husband and I both come from divorced families.
  6. Because of this we knew we never wanted to get a divorce and put our kids through that so we lived together for 3 years before we were married.
  7. I played the clarinet in school.
  8. I played volleyball my freshman and senior year in high school.
  9. My dad lives 4 hours away from me and has for most of my life. Despite traveling in a car for years, I still get car sick.
  10. I love doing crafts. I am always looking for ways I can make something instead of buying it.
  11. I love saving money.
  12. My mom has always told me I have a way with words and should be a writer.
  13. I had a grandfather that served in the Navy during the Vietnam war.
  14. My dad served in the Army during the Persian Gulf war.
  15. My brother is in the Marines.
  16. Before I met my husband, my plan was going to be to enlist in the Marines, but I changed my mind when I found out women couldn’t serve on the front lines.
  17. I currently have a headache that I can’t get rid of (this is a random facts post, and that’s a random fact currently).
  18. We have done a lot of work and updating to our current house, and we have done it all, we haven’t hired anyone to do any of it.
  19. I have a saltwater fishtank.
  20. I am glad this is the last random fact because I can’t think of any more!

I didn’t think it would be that hard to come up with 20 random facts about me, but there you have it.

Do you want to share any random facts about you?

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Thanks for reading, Cassie

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