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103 Kitchen Hacks Sneak Peak

A couple of months ago I published my first book with Elizabeth Peters, 103 Parenting Hacks to Make Your Life Easier (which is currently on sale for $0.99 for a limited time), and this month we have published another great book, 103 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier.

Elizabeth and I decided that we would give you a sneak peak at a few of the hacks in this book.

103 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Use an ice cream scoop to scoop out pumpkin or squash seeds. Have you ever tried to scoop out all those pesky seeds from a pumpkin, squash, or cantaloupe? Growing up my mom always used a tablespoon and it took forever and the seeds never stayed on the spoon. Then I discovered that an ice cream scoop works wonders! They are made perfect for getting all those seeds out without taking the good parts with them, and the seeds stay in the scoop for the most part.

If you over salt beef or stew, toss a peeled potato in to soak up the excess salt. Throwing a peeled potato will help soak up the excess salt in your stew, keeping it from being ruined when you accidentally over salt it.

Freeze leftover broth so you can use it later. Not all recipes call for an amount of broth that you can purchase, so this means that you will inevitably have some left over, but once you open the broth it is only good for a short amount of time. If you don’t plan to use the rest of the broth in the next week, you can easily freeze it to use later. An easy way to freeze it is to use ice cube trays, once the broth is frozen you can put the cubes in a baggie and take one cube out as needed.

Cook with crockpot liners. Crockpot liners are amazing! Not only can you transfer your food straight from your crockpot to a storage container, but it leaves your crockpot virtually clean! No burnt on food or messes to clean up from that creamy soup! Just wipe out the crockpot and the lid and you are ready to make your next meal!

Use a tension rod to hang cleaning products under the sink. Because of the drain pipes under sinks, there often isn’t a shelf in the cabinet, making it a huge waste of space. That is why many of us use that area for our cleaning products, thinking we won’t need a shelf for them, but the longer you live in a house, the more stuff you accumulate and the same is true for cleaning products because you buy a new bottle when you still have some. It’s hard to tell what you have though if you can’t see it. If you take a tension rod and hang it across the cabinet you can hang your spray bottles off it by their triggers. Then you have 2 or 3 layer to organize your cleaning supplies, while still having room for your water pipes.

These are just 5 of the 103 total hacks included in the book. We also decided to try something else out. With our last book we only published it on Amazon, with this one we are publishing it on a few different sites to give more of you the chance to download our book.

You can get the other 98 hacks for just $2.99 on Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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