10 Essential Facts About Nursing You Need To Know

Many people go into the field of nursing without knowing many of the facts that are presented in this infographic. The thing is that I think each of these things is very important for any aspiring nurse to know.

For example, it is important to know about needing continuing education credits, because I honestly didn’t know this when I went into school. Another thing I never knew was that West Virginia was one of the states that pays the lowest wages to nurses. I work in West Virginia, so I guess there is proof that I love my job and I am not doing it for the money!

One of the most important points that this infographic makes is that there are many opportunities for nurses. You don’t just have to be a nurse in the hospital, which is what I always thought was the case until I started nursing school. There are so many different things nurses can do! Nurses can be teachers, doctors, managers, and even legal consultants!

Knowing these 10 essential facts about nursing is important for anyone who is thinking about nursing and even those who know a nurse.10 Essential Facts About Nursing You Need to Know

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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